I oligarch… do you?…..

The tale of Osborne, The Oligarch and The Wardrobe continues to grind on. Gordon Brown has now called for an investigation.  Into what, precisely, is another question.  There is some doubt as to whether any act is capable of being investigated in this matter as yet.

Anyway… the story continues… and Guido Fawkes notes that The Times appears to be running a poill to see if “Osborne should go”…. Guido, as ever, has provided a platform for his band of commenters…

BBC: Brown calls for investigation

BBC: PM’s Osborne remark ‘desperate’

BBC: Osborne affair is about judgement

Perhaps the commenters on Guido will provide a more amusing read than these rather turgid BBC articles.


The Independent has come up with an amusing (perhaps, unintentionally) article about “Yachtgate…. some gems from the article:

“Gordon Brown has called for an official investigation into George Osborne’s dealings with a Russian billionaire and his motive may be revenge.”….

“…the Prime Minister has a visceral, tribal dislike of Conservatives. And David Cameron and George Osborne are the two Conservatives he probably dislikes most of all, partly because he regards them as “Tory toffs” who adopt a patronising attitude towards him”

“Mr Osborne has described Mr Brown as “weak”, “brutal”, “unpleasant”, “a phoney” and “a failure” and was rebuked in the Commons for declaring that “Brown will make an effing awful Prime Minister”. He was even criticised by a charity for appearing to suggest Mr Brown could be “faintly autistic”.

So… all in all.. our politicians are still behaving as we expect them to behave… with dignity, courtesy and manage the affairs of this country in a measured way – rather important at the moment, one would have thought.

Update: Thursday 23rd October
The Guardian reports:

Don’t cross me again, warns Tory’s accuser

Millionaire banker puts Osborne on notice not to challenge his account

George Osborne… a GONER within the week?  Any bets?

8 thoughts on “I oligarch… do you?…..

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  2. SW: One of the most bizarre stories I have seen in months. osborne appears to have made a bit of a hash of things. Enjoyed Lord tebbit’s comment that “If you lie with dogs you will get fleas” or words to similar effect!

    Brown really needs to bone up on his law – the investigation idea, fun though it may have been for him to raise it, may well backfire. Investigate what…. exactly.

    Even though I favour left wing socialist politics, I am not a fan of our present government in terms of the state surveillance, erosion of civil liberties et at. Sir Ken MacDonald’s statements recently are encouraging…. and he is right.

    Ah well… let us see how the dignified men and women who govern us behave over the coming weekend and next week…. we face serious times and it is time for sensible thinking and behaviour… Non?

  3. ‘Even though I favour left wing socialist politics, I am not a fan of our present government …’

    err your point? if they had a single left-wing policy, i’d like them a bit.

    i love it that gordon thinks ‘the authorities’ should investigate. who could that be? maybe the government? oh bugger that’s me!!!!! never thought of that one mr cleverpants!

    the most wonderful aspect (apart from old tory grandee elected by nobody shitting on etonian upstart) of this is the cutting across party lines as the rich and powerful get annoyed.
    by what? child poverty? the challenge to civil liberties inherent in 42 days and id cards? the fact the police tend to shoot people for fun?

    no! something much more important: someone dares to tell the little people what one of the rulers said to other rulers while they were all on a jolly on a criminal’s yacht.
    bad bad ruler – go back to eton and learn the code. *shuffling as ranks are closed* nothing to see, back to your work, drones. soma anyone?

  4. SW: Indeed… Osborne appears to have broken the rules….. I’m surprised he hasn’t been roasted over a fire by the prefects yet….. this may well be done, of course, metaphorically… in private.

    Silence is prized……

    Really rather distasteful…… as you say…. hot under the collar billionaires do themselves few favours….. but, to these people, we are all irrelevant… yes?

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