Walking while you work? – Good idea or bad idea?

You have to hand it to the Americans. In a week when the world is reeling from financial armageddon the New York Times reports on a new fad – walking on a treadmill while you work.

Apparently, TERRI KRIVOSHA, a partner at a Minneapolis law firm, logs three miles each workday on a treadmill without leaving her desk. She finds it easier to exercise while she types than to attend aerobics classes at the crack of dawn.

Frankly – this is not a fad I shall be taking up.  While I am quite happy to wander about the lower deck office on The Boat while talking on the phone, the idea of trying to type, work, concentrate, smoke and drink glasses of Rioja while walking on a treadmill is not one I want to contemplate.  I find that walking is an activity best done without being engaged in too many other activities and I generally do it (a) to get a bit of pleasure wandering around looking at London or (b) to get to a bar or, indeed, a meeting involving the Bar.

Maybe top law firms in The City will pick up on this and set the treadmills to run ‘fast’ ?  Who knows in these times of financial armageddon?

10 thoughts on “Walking while you work? – Good idea or bad idea?

  1. Andrew

    re ‘Merkin”… I was a bit puzzled by SW’s reference to these….. but did not wish to comment… I am grateful, however, for your timely intercession…. if *intercession* is a word……

    Good to talk earlier.

  2. rabbit – i know – fact!

    let me bore you with the latest episode of ‘an actor barely remembers’:

    appearing in winter’s tale at northampton we all became obsessed with the word and (as is often the case) had occasional ‘theme nights’ where our challenge was to get the word in as many times as possible. of course, given that it was shakespeare and people often hear words they don’t understand, it wasn’t too hard (would you know whether leontes calls mamillius ‘my collop’, ‘my bawcock’, ‘my merkin’ or even ‘my lttle pork scratching’ in I ii?) and in the chaos that is act IV …
    this is what actors do in a long run – and you pay good money to watch. we are bad people. fortunately i am going to be a lawyer and pay back society for my previous misdeeds. oh ‘the whirligig of time’. (do you know where that comes from without googling???)

    i was however using merkin in a more modern sense as another disparaging (aren’t they all?) version of ‘american’. kinda takes the fun out of it when you have to explain it, though… *sigh*

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