Charon Report 6: From the Cabinet War Rooms, London

Audio podcast: Charon Reports 6 – From the Cabinet War Rooms, London

I report, tonight, from The Cabinet War Rooms in London, last used during World War II by Churchill to direct Britain’s War effort against the tyranny of Nazi Germany. Tonight, these War Rooms serve a different purpose.   Tonight, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, has to face two facts – first that David Cameron’s Tories now lead in the polls with 52 % and, secondly, that FTSE has fallen well below the 5000 mark, closing at 4912. It is inconceivable that the crisis has ended…. there will be more banking failures to come, FTSE may well fall even further…. as Churchill would have said, if he was alive today,…. “This is Gordon’s Brown’s darkest hour.”

We have an unelected prime minister, surely in the death throes of his brief and all too lamentable tenure of the greatest office of state in the land.  Described by one of his own as the worst prime minister since Neville Chamberlain, Brown appears, a mix of Dithering Height and Lear, to be completely unaware of his duty to our nation.  If he was a Tory, it would be a trip to a metaphorical library where a glass of scotch and a loaded revolver would be laid out, tastefully, on a Chippendale side table.  Brown is unlikely to go voluntarily.  His mantra, oft repeated, that he is ‘getting on with the job”,  is just not good enough in these days of chaos, crisis and calamity.

I spent a few minutes on the internet reading political blogs.  I no longer trouble to read Nick Robinson of the BBC – a favourite of George Bush, because he doesn’t seem to know anything or get anything right in recent weeks.  The BBC appears to be spinning faster than a cheap washing machine from Comet on a spin cycle directed by Labour HQ.  Guido Fawkes talks of political and economic meltdown and his band of commenters, ranging from the profane to the proficient, provide a thermometer of opinion on the mood of the country.

Iain Dale of the eponymous Iain Dale’s Diary links to an interesting piece by Tim Montgomerie who has written a fascinating account of the dying days of IDS’s leadership, in which he draws parallels to the situation facing Gordon Brown and his inner team.

How long do we have to wait?  The Richard III of the Labour government, Jack Straw, is overseas telling foreign governments how to run a good justice system – ironic from the the Head of a Ministry of Justice of a government which has managed to do so much to erode civil liberties and make justice just that little bit more difficult to achieve over the past ten years – most recently facing a crisis where criminals may have to be released because barristers won’t work for the pittance being offered by the government.

David Milliband, who to my jaded eye seems to resemble the actor who plays Henry  VIII in the BBC production  The Tudors, has shot his bolt, arguably, and who is to say he would be any good anyway?  He was told to F**k off the other day by the Russian Foreign Minister and appears to have done so.

Well… there we are… this story has a long way to go… as Churchill may have said… this may not be the end for Gordon Brown but it may be the end of the beginning of the end.

This is Charon, reporting from the Cabinet War Rooms near the seat of government in London.


Audio podcast: Charon Reports 6 – From the Cabinet War Rooms, London

6 thoughts on “Charon Report 6: From the Cabinet War Rooms, London

  1. Charlie Braunschweiger…dithers with the rhetorical gun….”Should I shoot myself in the foot to end my existence or should I just have a good shit”

    “What can I do?”
    Answers please on a shitty stick wrapped up in a brown paper envelope
    addressed to :

    Behind the pipes
    Kings Cross Station

  2. I do believe that I will NOT be responsible for my actions if I hear Gordo the CLOWN declare one more TIME That he ” Has the job in hand because (I’m) Interested in the job because its a job worth doing and a job concentrating on, a job to which all (my) thoughts are directed because (I ) am the best man for the job”
    Really. I dare not comment on the first part of this mythical quote since it would invariable raise connotations of a naughty word beginning with W.
    I cannot even BRING myself to watch him on the telly, so COMPREHENSIVELY irritating is this fool, who has not the intestinal fortitude to stand up to any one and blathers his way through affairs of state in the name of getting the “job” done.
    Having been raised in an area of the country so strongly Labour it would vote for a DONKEY if it had a red rosette on it, I am ashamed to say that I will not be doing so the next time around. Mr Brown, in tandem with Mr Bliar, has sold the Labour Party and the working man down the river.

  3. LawMinx… you are up early. It is 5.45 am!

    Good to have an early morning rant… good for the sould. I’m off for a walk and an early breakfast… London is pleasant to wander around sober at 5.45 in the morning!

  4. I am positively cranky until i have my first cuppa – I was waiting for the kettle to boil!
    There is something very nice about early morning London, I agree. No crowds, no queues, no hassle – and it must be lovely to be on /beside the river at this time to boot!!

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