Internet problem…

Minor hassle – my internet connection dongle does not seem to work – I shall therefore have to post, for the time being, using an internet cafe nearby…. I shall do so later today, hopefully

5 thoughts on “Internet problem…

  1. I had the same problem with my dongle, continually going slow or not connecting at all. I solved the issue by using a T-Mobile dongle re-routed through my son’s offices in England. If you re-route through an office or busines link it ensures that you always have 3G reception.

    Another plus is that it throws out a floating IP address, thus rendering your location as untraceable for those hackers who like to play games.

    The whole package is under £30 pm.

  2. The unprecedented four days without a post left me worried – like if your neighbour’s milk and papers start accumulating. I was going to give it a day and suggest someone went round and peered through your letterbox.

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