25 August: Postcard from The Boat (2)

Is Gordon Brown Bonkers? – is the buzz going around Westminster according to Guido Fawkes.  I’ll leave you to investigate further should you wish to do so – but I will take one quote from the Guido post.:

“When Kay Burley asked him this week would he still have the PM’s job at Christmas his reply was “Of course, because we have got to get on with the job… We have got to get on with the job. People want us to get on with the job. Getting on with the job is the most important thing at the moment.” He snapped at the Mail on Sunday “I’m happy to talk to you because you are here… I have given you special time. That is very good of me. You are very fortunate.”

Perhaps we shall yet see Brown wandering around Dover doing a King Lear impersonation?

With the passing of the Bank holiday and summer gently easing into autumn – the politicians will start to return, putting away their beige jackets and Boden casual wear, and the Conference season will be upon us.  Britain will gradually get back to work.  On that note I admit to taking a break over the last week and most enjoyable it was… but I am equally delighted to be returning to reading interesting news, and doing other work.

Normal service to be resumed this week…..

5 thoughts on “25 August: Postcard from The Boat (2)

  1. So… were you bathing the cat, or building a shed? See Luka’s blog to undo any confusion this question may cause!

    Nice to see you back, Charon, Sir… had any visitors on the boat yet? 🙂

  2. Gordon Brown’s relationship with MPs is akin to that of General Cantankerous with his motley assortment of battered troops, following on from another defeat by a Gaulish Dwarf, another large Gaul who could almost rival John Prescott in girth, and a clever little dog. Leaning on his tent pole, bemoaning his fate, he wept saying, ‘they’re all mad, and I’m their leader’

    (with apologies to Goscinny and Uderzo, and their translators)

  3. Helga

    I have had a short break… but ready to get back to work and a bit of blogging. Had a few visitors to the boat. Most enjoyable living on a boat!

    Can be a bit rock sometimes – but the rocking motion is good for sleep!

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