To medal or not to medal?….

The BBC appears to have been caught up in a frenzy of using nouns as verbs. The latest noun to be turned into a verb is ‘medal’.

“Will people stop using the word ‘medal’ as a verb? It’s extremely annoying.”
Anon via text on 81111

followed by… 1158: Will Victoria Pendleton medal in the final of the women’s sprint? Will Chris Hoy medal? Will Jason Kenny medal? Of course they will! They’re both going to ruddy medal – the second race of the final is coming up!

Legal news?… not a lot of it about…

However, doyen of the legal web in the UK, author of Binary Law and the founder of infolaw – has a new initiative and asks for us all to build a legal web together.  Check it out. The Free Legal Web (Don’t dream it… be it.” [I enjoyed the reference to The Rocky Horro Show]  I fear that my rioja driven ramblings may not be that useful to this project.  I may have to contribute under a different name.

As there is not a great deal of law about and no-one seems to be working, I am going to CPDdesign and then do a bit of riojaing.

One thought on “To medal or not to medal?….

  1. Solomon’s advice was not to meddle in the arguments of fools lest one became like them….let them twaddle themselves to death

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