Moving today

Moving from West London – will stay in London for a week or so to look outside London.  May be offlibe for 2-3 days, depending on wifi access and time.

10 thoughts on “Moving today

  1. Well, sir, the very best of luck with the move. I trust it won’t be too traumatic (being defined as “so bad that even a bottle of Rioja won’t help”).

    Come back soon!

  2. Make sure you pop the cork-screw in your pocket! That way you won’t have to dig through endless boxes to find it when you really need it! They say moving is rather stressful… I hope you won’t get too stressed! 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the messages. The move was a logistical challenge. If my brother, a rather hungover friend and four polish guys had not assisted it would have been a disaster.

    I am not trying out a River boat on The Thames down in Chelsea – still “westish London’!

    Delighted to be away from Chiswick – liked Chiswick very much – but too many years in one place etc etc.

    I am thinking still of a move to Brighton. Shall take a series of short ‘holiday’ lets to see what appeals.

    I have a need and desire to be beside water again!

    Anyway – travelling very light – a few clothes, shaving / wash kit three computers, cigarettes, two wine glasses and, of course, Rioja and other red wines. All my kit in storage – strangely liberating to live in a minimalist way.

    No cooking kit… not even a kettle. Kings Road 100 yards or so up the road – cafe and life sustaining supplies of wine etc on the doorstep!

    It will be Postcard from The Boat this weekend.

  4. Personally, I blame Michael Phelps for this sudden need to be near water.
    Oh, and speaking of water you are more than welcome to the veritable surfeit of the stuff that we are experiencing in the South West – talk about 40 days and 40 nights….!!!

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