The fascinating world of legal practice as reported in the legal press

Passing an amusing fifteen minutes at lunch on Fritter, which is probably a better name than Twitter, given the amount of time I seem to spend on Twitter late at night, I came across the ‘Tweet’ to the left – an utterly unfascinating piece of information in terms of my needs – but, I presume, endlessly fascinating to those who read these stories.

Inspired by Denton’s desires in Dubai, I decided to nip over to Legal Week and The Lawyer to see what other fascinating headlines I could find. On offer to the legal profession today:

Ward Hadaway continues to build up in… Dutch independent set for London launch Norton Rose boosts IP team with partner… Mishcons seals real estate boost with… | Simpson Thacher gets tough on associates | Zurich institutes crackdown on exaggerated PI claims |  | Eversheds name switch hints at full integration | BAE on cusp of appointing legal counsel for India | Forsters snares four Withers partners

I lost the will to live momentarily. It’s just not my thing…. but I don’t need to know any of this.  I can understand that rainmakers, managing partners and the ‘psyop black art’ departments of leading law firms will read these stories with much interest – on a ‘need to know what the competition is up to’ basis – but who else reads these stories, I wondered to myself?

6 thoughts on “The fascinating world of legal practice as reported in the legal press

  1. When they say “newly-made-up partner” do they mean that this person has recently been made a partner or that they have recently been made up? If Dentons are sending imaginary lawyers abroad that might be a fairly interesting story.

  2. Or have they been made up with make up? Excessive rouge on a man can land you in hot water in the Middle East. Perhaps literally.

    I subscribe to the Lawyer feed. I have no idea why. Perhaps one in 30 posts is interesting legal news and the rest is just press releases like you’ve quoted.

  3. Usefully…. There is quite a bit of press-releasing going on… I get quite a few press releases myself… and can see the remarkable similarity in some reporting.

    I hope you noted the ‘verbification’ of the noun (supra)

  4. is that just retaliation from the verbs? steady on – next we know it’ll be georgia all over again.

    does the charge-out rate for a made-up partner reflect the time spent by some trainee in inventing them? and why can’t it be outsourced to a warehouse in delhi?

  5. I do! But not religiously. Some of the stuff is interesting, other stuff is the mere flexing of corporate muscles. Where are you moving to? Or is a case of, ‘I could tell you, but then i’d have to kill you’?!

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