For one hour and a half I watched, transfixed, as eight celebrities learned the basics of conducting the BBC orchestra for Maestro, produced by BBC 2. I enjoy classical music  – but tonight’s programmme had everything… music, drama, humour and competition.  Peter Snow, Alex James, Sue Perkin, Jane Asher and the truly astonishing ‘natural conductor’ Goldie,  Katie Derham, David Soul and Bradley Walsh, together with the judges and Clive Anderson provided superb enterainment. I rarely enthuse about television reality shows – but this programme was excellent fun to watch and brought home just how difficult conducting is. Thankfully, I was alone – so I could conduct along with the participants! Most enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half – and I wasn’t even mildly over refreshed.  I shall watch all the episodes – and I am sure I won’t be the only conductor manque by the end of the series!

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  1. Strangely fab, wasn’t it? I’m hooked. I have a deep, but doomed to be unrequited, soft spot for Sue Perkins anyway, but she was surprisingly good. Goldie was really quite something, but on a more restrained piece? We’ll no doubt see.

    It must be an astonishing experience to be in control of an orchestra. If nothing else, the programme showed what a difference the conductor makes, even between rank amateurs. Given the lollipop pieces they were given, it must actually be quite hard to separate the music from the piece ‘you think you know’.

    Pity Roger Norrington wasn’t that good as a ‘person on TV’, I’ve admired him as a musician/conductor for a very long time.

  2. NL – thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fascinating to see what difference a conductor can make.

    Thought Jane Asher was pretty good as well. The programme shows promise of developing well. A good way to see a little behind the scenes of an orchestra as well.

    Delighted to see that you have started on your new blog Beside the point. Excellent.

  3. they just don’t know what to do with sue perkins. clearly fairly clever but not really very funny oxbridge woman, other half of not really very funny duo with her friend with the unpronounceable name. probably knows a producer or two and presumably quite a nice person. stick her on something we can’t actually afford a real celebrity for, cos we’re the bbc.

    jane asher?!? don’t get me started!

    of course, i don’t watch it, so i should get my taxes back…

  4. (*Spotty Valleys Plonker Mode*) What in the name of SWANSEA is so HARD about waving a stick in the air at/toward a bunch of musicians?!?!? :0

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