Clifford Chance ramps up savings by offshoring paralegals to India

The Lawyer joins the turning nouns into verbs craze with the headline: ” Clifford Chance ramps up savings by offshoring paralegals to India” and at the same time supports the Indian economy.  The Lawyer reports: “Clifford Chance and Eversheds are considering reducing low-end work ­normally undertaken by trainees and paralegals and farming it out to India. Clifford Chance has embarked on a plan to ramp up its offshore paralegal capacity. This will see its Indian staff handle much of the work that is currently undertaken by London trainees and paralegals – including form 395 ­submissions to register company charges, due ­diligence ­document review for ­litigation, preparing shell company conversions, cloning documents and ­certain low-level drafting.”

This is not, of course, great news for paralegals in London – although Clifford Chance global managing partner David Childs denied that the move would affect trainee numbers in London, calling it the firm’s “principal recruitment source”.  The logical next step would be to ‘offshore’ even more work, get rid of newly qualified lawyers and associates and just leave partners to meet clients in London.  Of course, that would just be ludicrous and far fetched. I mean… why not train Indian lawyers in English law in India and if there are difficulties with practice certificates get the work overseen in London by someone with a practising certificate. But that too, is far-fetched and preposterous.

Eye Spy…. in the papers…  that BPP plc is making a bid for Wilmington Group PLC – they who own Central Law Training, Solicitors Journal and sundry other legal publishing and training projects.  Telegraph

6 thoughts on “Clifford Chance ramps up savings by offshoring paralegals to India

  1. In these difficult times it is, of course, important to keep on looking at the big picture and make sure that we support the Indian economy. After all, if we don’t pay them instead of keeping the money circulating within the UK, it’ll take them far longer to overtake us in economic strength.

    This is all-too widespread and it does make me wonder (a) where our youngsters are going to be able to find their first job and the training that goes with it, and (b) how we’re going to cope in forty or fifty years time. I guess we can just keep “offshoring” better and better jobs and hope that the rich Indian tourists will condescend to put a few pennies in our begging bowls …

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  3. “certain low level drafting” – I assume this means any document which the remaining partners can’t nick off the ‘PLC’ website?

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