Perhaps it is the heat, perhaps it is just me, perhaps it is living in Britain in these credit-crunch times – but I have noticed that a number of really quite trivial and unimportant things irritate me.  I do not get angry – I just get irritated.  So… I thought I would start an ‘Irritation” section on my blog to share my ‘pet irritations’ and invite those of you who are so inclined –  (a) to be irritating or (b) share your pet irritations when I publish “Irritation” posts.

1.  The BBC weather forecast for London on the BBC website

I read weather forecasts regularly – it is a minor impediment to an otherwise relatively insane life.  I don’t actually care what the weather is or does – but I do take the most irrational and grave exception when the BBC tells me that there is going to be rain and then we get a heatwave. I  take an implausibly grave exception when the converse happens.

Today, the BBC has changed their assessment of the weather no less than five times; at times representing a forecast on their website at odds with the radio and television bulletins – and what is going on outside my window.  I know – because, again, perhaps irrationally’, I have turned on the radio and television to check.  This may well appear, to the casual observer, to be symptomatic of a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder or the onset of some dementia bloggerensis and you may well be right.  I will be on my roof deck tonight at midnight checking the  sky, the web, the radio and the television to see if there is any accuracy in the BBC forecasts.  I may well chuck a few chicken feathers and entrails  about to do my own forecast. I appreciate that weather changes – but how can it go from a Met Office “Severe Weather” warning to heatwave in half a f*****g hour?  This is the problem I have today.  I am told that I will be OK once the pills kick in.

Frankly, I have a suspicion that the BBC just wait to see what the weather is actually doing outside the London office and adjust it… which is about as much use to anyone as a one legged pace bowler in a test match.

Please feel free to tell me your “irritations” in the comments section – I may well prefer yours to mine – in which case I may email you (but not if you are a barrister who is hostile to emails – see below)  and propose a swap.

IRRITATION UPDATE / Wednesday 30 July 10.15 pm

It has been a rather irritating day for Cricket fans.  Our batsmen decided that they did not know how to bat today.

I am grateful to The Chief, a visitor to this blog, for sending me an EXCELLENT picture of the weather forecast for Birmingham .  It is from the BBC and gives me comfort both for the weather and the cricket.  It is worth a look!

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  1. Now you’re not going to like me, but one of my pet hates is people who moan about the weather. They moan when it’s raining, and wish it was dry. They moan when it’s dry (and hot), and wish it was cooler. They moan when it snows and they moan when the wind blows.

    For me… during the week, I’m at work, and as my desk isn’t situated beneath a nice big garden umbrella, I’m not really bothered if it’s wet or dry. On weekends, I just take an umbrella if I need one, or a sun hat and sun cream, for the same reason. Coats and scarves are standard dress requirement in winter… along with nice warm gloves.

    It’s weather. It changes at the drop of a hat. Get over it!!

  2. I gave up on BBC weather a while ago. It constantly predicted rain for Manchester and whilst the odds were therefore in its favour, I’d like to know about our noe sunny day in the year in advance, please.

    I do recommend as it seems far more accurate.

    It’s a shame we don’t get the dopplar forecasts that you can get for the USA (eg: google +doppler +houston) as then you can make your own forecast based on the cloud

    …Off for (more) wine now.

  3. Middle aged men in Lycra shorts, on pushbikes, who are old enough to know better. Especially if they have one of those stupid long tubes/straws to sip their isotonic nectar (for maximum performance) as they cycle along. Ridiculous and very irritating

  4. Helga

    That is the point! I am NOT moaning about the weather…. I am moaning about the absurd weather forecasts! I could not give a damn what the weather does – in fact, as it happens, I prefer rain, wind and snow to sun…

  5. Andrew: Maybe we should email the Bar Council to see if they will become involved. Just a thought, given their enthusiasm for the new medium of communication…. wot I wrote about today.

  6. Unemployed people who drop litter and when challenged say ‘the rubbish men will pick it up that’s what I pay my council tax for’.

    If you drop litter at least have the courtesy of paying council tax.

  7. Rehoused…. this is a good rant / irritation…

    I think I shall bring the “irritation” section of the blog out once a month…. cathartic… I have quite a few emails from readers who find it ‘irritating’ to post comments on blogs…. which is good!

  8. People who don’t buy train tickets then complain when the train is late.

    Having to remember 18 million passwords for various blogs/twitter/work/bank accounts.

    Also rather ironically the fact I can’t find how to actually send you an email on this site 🙂

  9. Excellent…. Rehoused

    I like all of these irritations…

    Charon is a cartoon.. and does not, of course, exist… . but if you want to send his assistant an email you could try visiting Insitelawmagazine and scroll down or use this one

    I don’t need Viagra / Cialis or a new conservatory.

  10. Thanks Mr C

    The last one for the moment (for fear of spamming you!) is no matter how much I tidy the house my mother always finds something to tidy when she visits.

  11. My irritation is that there seems to be an implied section in the Theft Act 1968 that says something like, none of this applies to the middle classes or BBC employees.

    See, here.

    Another irritation is the feeble use of subliminal propaganda that, upon the most fleeting reflection, isn’t that subliminal after all. For example, from the link above, “Ofcom has recognised that neither the BBC nor any member of staff made any money from these serious editorial lapses.

    Really; is that supposed to make s1(2) of The Theft Act 1968, – “ It is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain, or is made for the thief’s own benefit.” – simply go away, or something?

    Sefton Dalmer would sack ’em all for such feeble efforts.

  12. rehoused – is it that the employed who drop litter and throw you the council tax line fail to irritate you?
    perhaps the employed are too busy ripping off the GP on behalf of the BBC (it irritates me when people insist on referring to it as ‘auntie’; i mean, why ffs?).
    i really like anon’s irritation.
    i am irritated by my own overuse of ‘really’.

    i am irritated beyond measure (ie really really really) by the way the entire bar seems to be run as if it were still the C17th. i can forgive the bias towards the usual areas of society, the smugness, the pointless and obscene amounts of money earned by some, the fact that it is merely oxbridge pumped into the temple (yes i am), but why the hell do the inns / olpas / bsb / bar council have to be so bloody annoying about every little thing?
    it really really really really irritates me.
    i am really quite irritated now.

    i forgot to mention that i am irritated by people who can’t be bothered to work out when they should use eg and when ie. it’s like a grocer’s apo’strophe for the slightly less dim.

  13. Ah, an area I already have on my Bebo so excuse me whilst I’m lazy and copy and paste my irritations:
    “UK tours” which turn out to only be within England, people who take up two seats on the bus for no decent reason, personal stereos turned up too loud to be “personal” anymore, people that smoke regardless of the smoking ban, “baby on board” sticker (so what?!), ooh and the new plastic Kit Kat wrappers – miss the noise of the foil in the old ones!

  14. @ Simplywondered

    No the unemployed litter droppers just irritate me more

    I’m a cyclist and a big irritation are other cyclists who ride through red lights, don’t wear helmets and pretend they are ninjas by having no lights and wearing black at night

  15. Yes, Baby on Board stickers – because you’re going to put in that extra bit of effort to make sure you don’t crash into them now you know that they have a child, whereas before you were just going to plough into them with wild abandon….

  16. I am irritated by not being able to ignore the things that irritate me.

    I hate BBC breakfast news but still put it on in the Morning?

    I radio 1 but still listen to it’s fawning nonsense and the horrific tripe that passes for news and has to explain everything as if speaking to 4 year old martian – “The prime minister, that’s the person that runs the country”

    I am irritated by people who indulge their children and try to explain to 3yr olds why they should sit still.THEY ARE THREE! Pick them up and move them till they give in!!!!

  17. Shopping. One cannot just go into a shop and simply buy something anymore .
    “Have you got an advantage card” , – NO
    “Would you like one” – NO
    Are you sure you wouldn’t like one” – YES –
    “10% off if you sign up for one, are you sure you don’t want one” – YES.

    Flee from the shop only to be assaulted by a line of people in cheerful tops with clipboards, doing market research. Much as you try, you cannot get past them.
    “It will only take up 10 minutes of your time” (plus another 3 years of answering the phone to dubious insurance/double glazing salesmen. VERY IRRITATING. I just want to buy a tube of toothpaste for God’s sake.

  18. Barmaid – good “irritation”

    I had a similar experience in Sainsburys. No I do not want a Nectar card, thank you…. my life is draining away already..

    The guy behind the counter seemed a bit troubled by this.

  19. major irritants: 2 kids (mine) who have been home from school for six weeks and who require entertainment in 87F degree heat and 100 per cent humidity. Now they just whine whine whine

    I think I will reach for the wine 😉

  20. Argh! Just had another one happen to me – men that come to your door – at dinner time – and start their sales pitch with “don’t worry we’re not trying to sell anything”.

  21. The now seemingly universal practice of pronouncing harassed as har-assed a la Frank Spencer.


    Advert: correct pronunciation of harassed lessons available for stupefying sums of money.

  22. Another irritation; naivete in others from which third parties, rather than themselves, suffer. For clarification, here is an example from The Times, “Mind you, there is always a silver lining and local authorities, Root says, are receiving applications from people who are “five thousands times better than anyone they’ve ever had before”.” The council Wallah jobs are only available to paid up Stasi members: the lawyers who are five thousand times better than the previous applicants will simply be passed over. Yet, our intrepid commentator will be unaffected by his naivete.

  23. Oh don’t get me started Charon……

    people who think its alright to start a sentence without a capital letter. Ok, I can live with it in an email but not on a printed piece of literature. It makes intelligent people look like half wits and it drives me nuts.

    Asides from that, toilet cubicles that are so small that when you try to shimmy around the toilet and shut the door at the same time, your coat skims across the top of the toilet bowl. Nice.

    Hows that?

    And how are you?

  24. Hi Kate… good to hear from you – Like both these rants.

    Let’s hook up for a drink this or next week! Doing a few more West London Man scripts this weekend – keeps me sane… vaguely.

    I’ll all you

  25. I am comprehensively IRRITATED by the following:

    1: Sunday Drivers in Flat Caps doing 10 miles an hour in the centre lane of the M4.
    2: Fruit and Vegetables that have done more air miles than me.
    3: People with small children in pushchairs who think they have ABSOLUTE right of way in the supermarket.
    4: “Princess on Board” car signs- as bad, if not WORSE than ” Baby on Board” since such signs are invariably owned by Blonde Stick Insects driving Ford Fiestas.

  26. The use of the verb invite in place of the noun invitation:

    “Here is an invite to my party.”


    Stop using verbs as nouns you numpties!!!!

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