6 thoughts on “Some say… that I nicked Cameron’s bike….

  1. Charon,

    I am shocked and frankly disappointed in your behaviour. I never pegged you for a bicycle thief. You have let me down, but more importantly, you have let yourself down.


    P.S. Are you wearing a skirt in that photo?

  2. Excellent…. I’m going to do it again…. and… No… they are shorts from World War II.

    Now… get back to work!

    Only God took the seventh day off. Bloggers never rest.


  3. That bike was so darn easy to nick… are you sure DC wasn’t drumming up a little column-inches before disappearing off to his Man On The Beach photo shoot in Cornwall? I mean, really… what numpty “chains” their bike to a bollard?!?

  4. Hi helga

    Funnily enough I am just writing West London Man (19) George and Caroline take a short break in Cornwall.

    I hope to finish the episode tonight…. provided I can fit it in with my continuing professional development requirments – a rioja drinking course (3 hours CPD)

  5. if i am to trust the sun’s take on it, dave made a rather humorous jape about sharia law and introducing it for bike theft. oh how we laughed – we who live on an estate that is more muslim than christian (or even non-believing CofE like, i presume, dave) where some of the 7-7 bombers lived, where the bulk of muslims concentrate on getting their heads down and providing for their families (you know a bit like us normal people do) . we have a name for them round here – quite amusing really – we call them ‘the neighbours’ because they are. and sharia law is all about them savages hacking each others limbs off.
    dave clearly knows as much about that as he does about the pointlessness of repealing the HRA without leaving europe.
    truly a prime minister for the sun – he will be well at home with the ignorant, too self-satisfied to think crowd down in cornwall wondering how to spend their next million without having to extract their heads from their fundaments. useless tossers – somebody should do a satirical column about them.

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