Available for “lingerie, glamour and topless” services..

I hasten to add… not me. There I was, this very afternoon just before 6.00, enjoying a glass of chilled Beaujolais and enjoying an exchange of nonsense with Infobunny on Twitter – when Infobunny sent me news of a CPS lawyer who is doing part-time work as a nude model. Full Telegraph Story

Clifford Allison, 56, from the CPS Special Crime Division, has diversified –  advertising his services online.  He is up for ‘lingerie, glamour, implied nude (whatever that is), adult and topless’.  Mr Allison has been off work  and his doctor views this sideline as ‘therapeutic’ – and this may well be the case. The Telegraph reports that Mr Allison had been earning £80,000 and had been a former treasurer of the Bar Council

It has to be said that his peers at the CPS regard his new career path with astonishment and, The Telegraph reports:  “A CPS spokesman said: “CPS employees must seek written permission before seeking secondary employment. We will be contacting him to seek some clarification around this issue.”

I fear, that while I am open to offers for voice overs (disaster movies horror movies, news reading, weather reporting and cricket corresponding – as well as adverts for things people do not need) I do not feel I am quite ready, at this point, to branch out in this way.  Mr Allison is in the vanguard.  He boldly goes….. who will be next from the legal profession to follow this trail blazer ?

But… Hat Tip to Clifford Allison – seems to enjoy life.  Have a look at the website entry


UPDATE Monday 28th July – Jailhouselawyer goes for it… you will, I am sure, appreciate his sense of humour..  The pic says it all – go see.

27 thoughts on “Available for “lingerie, glamour and topless” services..

  1. Even as Eady J was checking his punctuation in the Max Moseley judgment, I was up to something wonderfully seedy which the public at large will never find out, save for the considerable cross-section of them who were there.

    I vote starting a Lawyers for Interesting Private Soirees (LIPS) pressure group, to advocate ‘minority’ interests, whether it be most-definitely-not-Nazi beatings, nude prosecutors, or whatever.

  2. This sounds intriguing! I am great believer in freedom of expression 🙂

    If it includes the use of vin rouge…. I may well be interested.

    I have just emailed you on another matter!

  3. Jailhouselawyer….. very subtle….. nothing wrong with a bit pf HNT – makes me laugh… and I am sure others too.

    And… you must admit…. the law does throw up some pretty fantastic and weird stuff….

  4. eeew, is the pic actually of the gentleman concerned? If so, I commend him for his (personally percieved) positive body image, but that doesnt mean I don’t feel just a teensie WEENSIE bit sick……..!

  5. Oh my! Imagine the field day News of the World would have if lawyers and the like decided to participate in HNT or something similar!! 😛

    And I sincerely hope jailhouselawyer isn’t calling me weird!! 😉 Never judge a book by its saucy cover!

  6. The photo was originally posted on James Higham’s blog, Nourishing Obscurity, where the blog author asked for naughty but not too naughty pics of bloggers.

    Rocky won the second prize rosette for best Rescue Dog at a local show.

    Now, when does Charon QC disrobe?

  7. SW… I am reminded of the word hubris… I am also reminded of the immortal words….

    “You may think that…. I couldn’t possibly comment.”

    When we meet for a drink I promise not to reveal my monty…. as you put it

  8. ‘you are old, father charon’ the young blogger said,
    ‘and your monty is hanging quite limp;
    yet you’re pretty much catnip to the ladies they say
    not at all like that geeklawyer gimp’

    ‘shut it, you daft bastard, or the geek will sue us both’ replied charon, grinning more than somewhat.

  9. SW: Let me know the name of your vintner…. I’d like to drink what you are drinking… it obviously does the business…. excellent… my thanks to you for that short poem or ‘pome’ if you are from other parts of London.

  10. SW… Dear God… Bonekickers. Dragon’s Den – a programme I love to hate – is about the only thing apart from News and Parliament Channel I can watch… although QI is good… Would I lie to you – OK….

    Watch bonekickers in peace…

  11. use your archaeological instincts!

    it’s like judge john deed without the amazing insights.
    and the acting, obviously.
    they should combine the two: ‘i know the law!!!!! and which century this tiny shard of pottery was made. now i am going walk my dog, dig up some stuff that makes people get murdered and shag the barrister appearing in my court tomorrow.’ tame stuff.

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