Podcast 71: Wood Report – The proposed changes to the BVC

Today I am talking to Jon McLeod, Chairman, Public Affairs – Weber Shandwick who acted for the Bar Standards Board in the recent report of the Working Group in relation to Review of The Bar Vocational Course.
Jon McLeod went into public affairs in 1994, having spent six years in financial and legal journalism. His specialisms include: Parliamentary and lobbying campaigns, coalition building, national media relations, litigation and legal communications, and strategic counsel.

The Bar Vocational Course is set to be renamed as the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). The Working Party report chaired by Derek Wood QC makes a number of important recommendations and the detail in the report itself provides a fascinating insight into the need for reform and the quality of provision at the various accredited providers – albeit without identifying the providers.

.I am going to talk to Jon as part of a short series of podcasts covering this topic about the report itself and the changes proposed.


Listen to Podcast 71: Wood Report – The proposed changes to the BVC


The Wood Report on the BVC


Jon McLeod, Chairman of Public Affairs, Weber Chandwick

4 thoughts on “Podcast 71: Wood Report – The proposed changes to the BVC

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  2. but wtf is coalition building??? how do i get a job doing it?

    and can’t we have a better new acronym – did he not get a degree in strategic acronym designation?

    (did you spot what i did there? did ya???)

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