Mackerel, Omega 23 and other mattters…

Perhaps it was the image of Dawn Primarolo MP, Matron-in-Chief, in a newspaper today telling us that she is going to stop our world leading olympic medal winning binge drinkers from practising their craft  – but I have decided that a bit of Omega 3 to supplement the beneficial effects of red wine is probably useful.  I have decided to take up eating smoked mackerel. It is my new hobby.  I have a fridge full of smoked mackerel.  To ward off scurvy, I have also purchased some lemon and limes. There is more than enough water in wine and the odd glass of water to ensure that I am fully hydrated… tap water, of course..

9 thoughts on “Mackerel, Omega 23 and other mattters…

  1. Ro: Gin is an amusing drink… but if I am going to drink spirits I tend to prefer grappa.

    Jennie: It is, I believe, my duty to keep the waters of Britain safe for holidaymakers by eating as many mackerels as I can. I’ll get bored with them soon… I have food fads. I ate liver and bacon with mash at the Bollo every lunchtime for a month… some time ago. It was rather enjoyable…. but then I found I could eat no more liver and started eating broccoli spears with paprika with every meal as a side order. I took my own Paprika in to the restaurant…

  2. Andrew: Yes… absolutely. I’m quite proud of my efforts to save the western World from mackerel.

    China was going to veto the mandate / resolution until it was pointed out that I could turn up in Beijing and demand to demonstrate my triple jump skills without spilling a drop of Rioja as I did it.

    So… I must do my duty.

  3. Mmmmmm…. I l-u-r-v-e mackerel… and herring…. and rollmops! Try not to drink too much water now – apparently too much water is more dangerous than too little salt.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the recent press report, where depending on the paper you read, excessive water consumption caused brain damage after an epileptic fit, and not the drastic cut in sodium levels! Bah!

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