Podcast 66: Dan Hull, US Attorney, author of WAC?, on client service and other matters

Today I am talking to Dan Hull, US Attorney, founder of Hull McGuire PC and the What About Clients? blog.

We talk about the meaning of client service – the difference in attitude between Babyboomers and Generation X / Geneneration Y to law – Legalese or “Lawyer-speak” – review Geeklawyer’s Blawg Review 166 – and if Dan is coming to UK LawBlog 2008 in September 2008.

Listen to Podcast 66: Dan Hull, US attorney, author of WAC? on client service and other matters.


What About Clients? blog

6 thoughts on “Podcast 66: Dan Hull, US Attorney, author of WAC?, on client service and other matters

  1. Very amusing. Disappointed Dan wont be able to make it.

    Amused by the idea that only Eats & West coast lawyers got it with bible belt lawyers just being puzzled: “still digesting it, chewing on it slowly”. Was pleased he liked it & thought I’d ‘pulled it off’ – “bounce off the page like diamonds”: excellent phrase.

  2. GL–Dude, I still may make your UK-Euro bloggers Wank-fest 2008; it’s just that you scheduled it two-three weeks later (Sept. 15) than you previously said you would and I have trial and arbitration things then in DC area….which haven’t gone away yet. I’ll try–and at least give Ruthie all my hotel info for trip to Switzerland and northern Italy for earlier weeks in case I have a spare 20-25 mintues here and there. I’m driving–if she’s stayed in good shape she can ride in the trunk.

  3. There is nothing wrong with the recording -Its just My WRETCHED computer bieng senile – I am having to use my second pc to type this, and its even more senile than the primary one! I am a technological disaster!

  4. Great podcast as always, Charon.

    And many thanks to you and Dan for the shout-out for mediation blogs, as well as for Blawg Review. (I rejoice to know that at long last ADR professionals are becoming known for something other than Kumbaya and group hugs.)

    It is much appreciated.

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