Podcast 61: With Chris Haywood – future barrister and musician…

Today I am talking to Chris Haywood who has just completed his GDL and intends to do the BVC in September. Chris has joined the UK blawgers with his new blog “RocknLaw”…. and is a member of the band – PIANO.

We talk about the GDL, have a brief musical interlude with one of Piano’s songs – Home is where the heart is – talk about the band, music and then get back to a bit of Law. The podcast ends with another extract from Piano – Two wrongs don’t make a right.


Listen to Podcast 61: With Chris Haywood… future barrister and musician

10 thoughts on “Podcast 61: With Chris Haywood – future barrister and musician…

  1. Lo-fi… I was 8 years of age. The European Convention on Human Rights did not exist then – and I believe it may be too late now to bring a claim. Limitation and all that – quite apart from the fact that my music teacher is a goner.

    I did not suffer much post traumatic stress disorder, however… meant ti could get on with sports and painting.

    I WAS really bad – even my Mother was appalled.

  2. Well shall we do it later this week. Sorry haven’t been in touch..godchildren duties and networking so I can work and eat. I will contact you by Wed.

    Yes, he is….yummy. And so down to earth too. I shall have to throw Geeklawyer aside. He is getting dull anyway..and will soon be married. Boring.

  3. Not sure Charon if mooting is a good way to develop advocacy, some “judges” of these competitions especially if they are students themselves can be right tits, and will make your life hell.

    Also I hear that mooting and debating – do it once or twice, however having that on your CV not good enough!

  4. Lost: Getting up on the hindlegs – mooting, singing, debating, protest marches – all good for developing confidence.

    Agree on the mooting front with your comment about “Judges”. I judged a few moots in my time with some young barristers – one, in particular, was comically pompous.. two year call and he behaved like a judge out of Rumpole. Tedious.

  5. I think I once had a student on the BVC a previous winner of a prestigous external mooting competition judge one of my moots, who quite frankly I would have quite happily have beaten to death with his own bloodlusty smile! Some people just want to inflict pain!!

    Also the programme I think you are looking for is “Criminal Justice” BBC1 was shown today after the Murray tennis match. Looks like the show itself could be the major focal point for blogging for those of us inclined towards the criminal law. Looks like a good drama though, however the barrister was up his own ass!

    Good podcast though Charon!!

  6. watched some of ‘criminal justice’ and even without being a scriptwriter in a previous life i think i might have spotted the over-clunky scripting. had to go and vomit after a few minutes of this cliched tosh.
    still, some might like it – actually, i like judge john deed.

  7. SW – I shall try and watch a bit of again tonight – gave up last night.

    Judge John Deed was quite good – particularly those venal civil servants from the Lord Chancellor’s department!

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