The summer solstice

And so the sun rose over West London, as it does every day, but this morning was different. It is the summer solstice. King Arthur Pendragon lives down the road. I know this – I have a few drinks with him every so often down at The Bollo. Today, King Arthur is, presumably, down at Stonehenge. I am not at Stonehenge. I am in the bunker at my Staterooms, but  I am up and marvelling at the way the sun rises in the sky… It is far too early to have a glass of Rioja and… in any event… turning up at a local pub at 8.30 to watch the All Blacks run riot with England at rugby, roaring on arrival and talking of solstices and druids, may have caused my Haka doing friends to go back to New Zealand.

The day has begun… and there is much to enjoy this day.

7 thoughts on “The summer solstice

  1. There’s a sun out today? I can’t see past the rain clouds at this moment in time! Enjoy your day, Charon, and I’m sure that first glass of Rioja will hit the spot, when you do have it! 🙂

  2. Look out of the window, contemplate the fact that’s downhill all the way after today and weep. It seems we get the crappy bits of global warming: hurricanes, storms, rain – but not the good stuff 🙁

  3. I noticed the Solstice was here though there was precious little to see that would give any indication that it was summer at all.

    I don’t want to sound pessimistic or anything but let’s bear in mind that it’s all downhill from here – the nights are drawing in 😉

  4. as the once and future barrister (i am clearly only joining the profession because things are critical, having slept at a secret location in cambridge for hundreds of years) i can reveal that i continued my work of saving the legal profession by having a cold wet and miserable game of cricket. thank gawd the summer is nearly over so we can get some nice weather.

    hoorah and happy birthday to the holly king!

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