A compliment indeed…

What About Clients?… now, calling itself “What About Paris?” is a serious U.S. blog about legal practice – but with a proclivity to go off piste in style. J Dan Hull and his co-bloggers / phantasms do much to promote blawging internationally and have a tolerance, some may say, appetitie, for UK Blawging. Certainly J Dan Hull has an interest in doing Antler dances with Ruthie of Ruthie’s Law – and… who knows what he will do to Geeklawyer when Geeklawyer produces his July 4th version of Blawg Review.

In the meantime… I feel honored (note the American spelling) to be described, this day, as “Albion’s Hunter Thompson”Wikipedia has a view.

2 thoughts on “A compliment indeed…

  1. They missed the ‘S’ in your citation – just remember – guns and alcohol don’t mix! 😉

    He was, among many other things, the creator of the maxim ‘never go anywhere without your lawyer’.

    Sound advice, I”m sure you’ll agree but someone I know once went somewhere (a demonstration to be exact) with her lawyer – and her lawyer got arrested…

    So it goes -as another dead American writer – Kurt Vonnegut to be exact – would have said.

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