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Independent: Lecturers ‘pressed to boost degree results’
The Independent reports that Degree standards in many British universities are in danger of collapsing because lecturers are under pressure to “mark positively” and turn a blind eye to plagiarism, the man who was in charge of safeguarding standards at Britain’s largest university will say today

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  1. I think that is terrible, and devalues (even more) the degree. However, there is no excuse for plagiarism, as even Dr Raj Persaud has discovered! Having just worked at a university for the last 3 years, I can confirm that Deans are fighting the battle of the internet curse – many students are accessing the internet, and using any information they find, sometimes not even bothering to rephrase the wording!!

    Personally I think this mindset begins in school, where students are being taught to pass, and not taught to think for themselves. My teenage son gets thoroughly frustrated by the current trend to indoctrinate children with populist beliefs, and woe betide them if they have an opposing opinion!

    My son will be choosing his A Level subjects next year – I have already told him I will disown him if he picks General Studies as one of his subjects! Personally, I’m all for him going off to get a vocational qualification… who needs a plumber with a useless degree??

  2. I must be getting old – I see it everywhere now, this gradual softening of standards.

    I remember even when I was at school (at what was then a reasonably successful comprehensive) that the debate was raging over whether it was fair to label children as failures because they couldn’t achieve the same level of academic achievement as some of their peers.

    Now we’re adding to that the whole pressure of having to show results to appease the government machine.

    I’m all for equality but I prefer to think in terms of equality of opportunity – we can’t all be equal academically no matter how much people might wish for it, any more than I can play the guitar like Eric Clapton. Much as I might wish for it!

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