Mea culpa… no blogging today…

Apologies…. haven’t had time to blog today.

Got up, read the news for Insitelaw etc etc, and then found myself on a bus heading towards Windsor. Got on the wrong bus… clearly …. as I had intended to go to Hammersmith. Quite an enjoyable day out, as it happens. Met a few people – got to dress up.

Met a most amusing man who asked me if I’d mind putting on some robes and stand in for him. Happy to help, as always. Told me a few off-colour jokes and then legged it.

2 thoughts on “Mea culpa… no blogging today…

  1. Perhaps, you could let me into a little secret and disclose what chivalry the silver spoon muncher engaged in to be rewarded with a knighthood?

    For example, did he lay his cloak over a puddle for Kate to step on?

  2. As far as I can gather – The Garter is in the gift of The Queen and there are Royal Knights over and above the 24 non-Royal knights – tradition?

    Although I am republican by sentiment and orientation – a bit of pageantry doesn’t worry me – rather interesting historically and it keeps the tourists amused – and, of course, those who want knighthoods and peerages.

    I repeat my line on The Monarchy – I admire The Queen – simply because she has devoted her life to our country. I suspect that we would not be so interesting as a country without a monarchy – but my mildly socialist leanings tend to influence me towards republicanism, simply because I believe in equality of opportunity.

    I don’t lose a lot of sleep on the issue – and you must admit, the Duke has provided some light entertainment over the years with his bizarre remarks….

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