Podcast 58: The BVC, pupillage interviews and life.. with LawMinx

Tonight, as Brazilian live music plays in the next door garden, I did a podcast with LawMinx. LawMinx has finished the BVC, continues to work on her Ph.D research and is about to embark on the post OLPAS round of pupillage interviews. We do, actually, manage to talk about the BVC and pupillage…. but then we started talking about Twitter…. my monkey / gorilla, Tempranillo, who handles my Twitter posts for me, and talk about life generally. We interrupt each other from time to time – but that is the nature of podcast interviews done over the net telephone – and I enjoyed it. I did my best to get the conversation back to the BVC.

Listen to: Podcast 58: The BVC, pupillage interviews and life… with LawMinx.


We also talk about blogging and the upcoming UK Blawgers conference at a pub in London in August. I assured LawMinx that Geeklawyer, who is organising this seminal event again this year (we are grateful),  has been doing detailed and penetrating research – and performing selfless acts of devotion on our behalf in the name of blawging freedom.

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