West London Man (13): Friday 13th…

Audio Podcast version of West London man (13): Friday 13th

It had not been a good day for George. in fact, predictably, it had been a very bad day. The oil strike wasn’t going as well as hoped. Shell had filled up all of their petrol stations well in advance and most stations had enough fuel for four days, the length of the strike. Although there were a good number of panic buyers as he had driven through West London earlier in the day – there weren’t enough. TV film crews may have put some serious panic buyers off by doorstepping drivers as they filled up. George’s mood had brightened momentarily on hearing that another strike was planned for the following weekend. It was time to offload the position he had taken.

George turned his attention to the news that The Irish had voted ‘No’ in the referendum and called his friend Hugo, the City lawyer.

Ring… ring… ring…. ring….

Hugo: Hello

George: Hugo it’s George. Just lost a fair bit on oil trades, lost a bet on the f*****g Irish referendum and Caroline is seeing her ex-boss again to finalise details about returning to work.

Hugo: Sounds bad, Sounds good…. won’t it be good for your financial planning if Caroline gets back to work… profit not cost centre… as it were?

George: Sure… but the downside is that her Mother is going to be about the place a bit more to look after the kids. I’ve offered to organise a replacement nanny, but Caroline wants her mother to help her, not an au pair… so game over on that one. At least Katja had a sense of adventure.

Hugo: OK… so you shagged the nanny… fine. Surely you don’t pay your mother-in-law?

George: Pay my mother-in-law for a shag? Of course not…

Hugo: George…. Not even you would shag your mother-in-law. I meant… surely you don’t pay your mother-in-law to babysit.

George: We do…. minimum wage plus tube fare each way…. cash.

Hugo looks at his watch, glances at the papers on his desk, glances at his screen to see five emails incoming, raises his eyebrows and sighs.

Hugo: Incoming. Need counsel’s opinion on something… urgent. Got to go.

George sits back on his chair. Most of the guys have left the floor. A small team working on pork bellies or some godforsaken US concoction are in a huddle about twenty yards away.

Ring…. ring… ring…. ring….

George: Two…. yeah… usual bar.

George took a cab to a bar nearby, made a quick transaction and headed off to Chelsea to see who was about. The cab pulled up outside The Builder’s Arms about half an hour later. He would pick up the car tomorrow. The Bar, as usual, was crowded… but there were some good looking women in a group in the corner. As George came out of the gents and walked back to the bar he saw Katja reading an email on a Blackberry…..


Audio Podcast version of West London man (13): Friday 13th

Complete with some rather good music….

9 thoughts on “West London Man (13): Friday 13th…

  1. Eh?? I thought the lovely Katja was back in Poland, being a financial whizz-woman?? Will George be treading back over familiar ground? Has Katja come to take over George’s job? Does Caro shag her soon-to-be new boss? Come on, Charon, Sir… don’t keep us waiting!! 😉

  2. Gosh! How shocking! I can’t believe George’s underhand behaviour.

    To think he only pays his mother-in-law minimum wage 😉

    Oh, and the Katja business as well of course …

    Excellent podcast version as usual – *adore* the choice of music too! I can’t help picturing you now at the show … in full fancy dress …

  3. Katja has arrived… The Polish airliner, on this occasion, did not have to weave about over West London skies (See reports in the press recently)… she is working for Bank Polski and is part of a team looking for a credit-crunched acquisition…

    She enjoys seeing George again… that is all I am able to reveal this night….

    Helga / Ro : I may well try the Dr Frankenfurter role one day – did go as Riff-raff to a performance in London – we had to leave the Groucho Club soon after arriving… I don’t think they thought brogues went with fishnet tights and a black tailcoat.

    But… in just seven days… I was able to go back to The Groucho without comment, more sensibly dressed, with a friend.

    A solecism. Rocky Horror – a musical for very pissed people. Probably the best musical I have seen .

  4. Andrew… Good evening… Yes… no minicabbing tonight!

    Life goes on… ineluctably…. a hair more grey, a limb less supple…. a memory lost… but… we live for the morrow…. and the morrow will have new things for us to think about…. possibly.

    And… on that note…. I will rise!

  5. I’d be the first to agree about Rocky Horror … though I can cope with the Shop of Horrors too. I’m afraid I have a real problem with most musicals.

    I’ll confess that I did once attend a stage performance in costume too. Many years ago. And, no, no photographic evidence exists!

  6. Charon – Loved WLM 13 – can’t download audio from where I sit, but distance/technical probs may explain (besides I can sing Rocky Horror Show as I read so it’s O K.)

    Do keep writing – episode 13’s the best ever……..

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