West London Man (9): Short suits and other matters…

West London Man (9):  Short suits and other matters – Audio version

West London Man has been dealing with domestic matters for the last few days. Caroline is still mourning the loss of Katja, the nanny / housekeeper, who is now doing world class M&A analysis for Bank Polski back in her native Poland. The cleaning is not a problem – an agency arrives each day to deal with that – but the search for Katja’s Apprentice goes on.

George has been much taken with television and lifestyle magazine coverage of the new fashion in men’s tailoring – suits with shorts. He has just ordered two for the summer.

He turned up at his graciously appointed West London residence the other night shortly after 7.00.

George: Hello darling… how goes it?

Caroline looks at her husband, rolls her eyes and starts laughing.

Caroline: George… why have you cut the bottoms off your suit trousers?

George: I haven’t actually, darling. I’ve just had two summer suits made by my tailor. This is one of them. Cutting edge… don’t you think?

Caroline: Well… certainly cut something… George… you look ridiculous. I thought you had stopped all that dressing in the dark nonsense years ago….. really, George…. whatever possessed you?

George laughed, kissed his wife and went over to the drinks cabinet to open a bottle of ‘The Widow”.

George: Did you see that the C**t, Mugabe, is now blaming Britain for the food shortages in Zimbabwe?

George flicked his laptop open and clicked on The Times story

George: Yes… here it is… The Times is saying… and I quote: ” He said “our former colonial masters” had imposed “illegal sanctions” and tried to impose “regime change” by supporting the Zimbabwean Opposition. He did not mention that the Opposition claims to have won March’s presidential election – a vote he had been accused of trying to rig.”

Caroline: Yes… I did. Horrible business. It is a serious problem, George. Millions of people pushed into poverty and starvation. At least the international community is trying to do something about it.

George: Yes… quite… no… absolutely, darling.

George pulled his blackberry out of his jacket pocket and dialled….

George: Hello…. George here… Can I book our usual table?…. can you ask Chef if he has any lobsters? I fancy lobsters tonight. If he hasn’t got any in-house…. I’ll get a courier to get some over to him from town….. fine?….Chef has lobsters?…. Great!. See you in thirty.

George turned to Caroline… and told her, with a smile, that a baby sitter was on the way and they were going out to dinner.


West London Man (9):  Short suits and other matters – Audio version

13 thoughts on “West London Man (9): Short suits and other matters…

  1. It’s a sad, sad situation when a man of such calibre {ahem} falls prey to such flash-in-the-pan fashions.

    Minicabbing in Walthamstow is too good for him.

    Maybe I’m over-analysing a little but I think I’m noticing a slight lack of real communication between the happy couple.

  2. Not at all!

    I’m sure he’s a fine, upstanding member of the community, kind to his granny, always got a smile and a penny for the less well-off … absolute salt of the earth.

    But you know what they say about too much salt 😉

  3. Come on guys – aren’t you a tad harsh on George? Have to treat him gently…

    Bad case of male menopause I’d say and he’s
    searching for the child within…

    p.s. he has gone bald since last week and has had the hair ripped off his legs (if Charon’s pic is a fair likeness)…..

  4. Andrew

    One could not imagine anyone from Bradford & Bingley turning up to a meeting with underwriters wearing a suit with short trousers.

    But now the yanks own 23% of B&B – anything is possible.

  5. Charon: Is it ? (I suspected as much) , in which case what does George look like?

    His fans would like to know !

    Actually saw a man walking proudly along the street just the other day in the short suit – as you say, anything is possible..

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