29th May: Daily news podcast and legal news

Health & Safety laws are being taken very seriously indeed by Anglia Ruskin University. The newspapers report that students have been asked not to throw their mortar boards in the air — in case they HURT someone. Bosses at a university want to stop the age-old tradition of gleefully hurling headgear skywards on graduation day.They say someone could be “blinded or even worse” if one of the flat-topped hats fell on them. The solution, of course, is for students to simply jump into the air wearing their mortar boards.

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2 thoughts on “29th May: Daily news podcast and legal news

  1. This, of course, is the result of the now-infamous Shuriken Incident two years ago when an over-zealous graduand sharpened the edges of his mortar-board to make it soar higher when thrown.

    The plan worked perfectly. Unfortunately, as it descended from this unprecedented height, it was caught by the air resistance and forced into a more lateral path. The sharp edges then sliced through graduate flesh sending five to the nearest A&E and costing the university an undisclosed but supposedly hefty out-of-court settlement.

    No, of course it isn’t true … but don’t you wish it was? 🙂

  2. Health and safety has, IMO, nothing to do with health or safety and everything to do with being paranoid about litigation – no matter how crazed – and what the insurers will say…

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