Charon dark after dark…I am thinking….

I had a “why is it necessary to live another 20 odd years” moment this evening – rain, petrol prices out of control, a government in melt down, the prospect of a Tory government in two years time…. Chiswick High Street crammed with people pushing prams – and one man carrying his child in some absurd harness on his front.

Nihilism has advantages… or does it… who cares?

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8 thoughts on “Charon dark after dark…I am thinking….

  1. remember the immortal lines by Dorothy Parker…

    Razors pain you
    Rivers are damp
    Acids stain you
    And drugs cause cramp
    Guns aren’t lawful
    And nooses give
    Gas smells awful
    You might as well live

    okay, you’re merely brassed off but you get the general idea…

  2. I love the rain, and if you’ve not got to worry about your hair getting wet (more of a hassle for your average woman), there is nothing nicer that feeling the rain trail its way over your naked skin, while you raise your face to the heavens.

    And I guess, despite your chosen singledom/childlessness, you know that you will never be alone… you have us to keep you company!! 😀

  3. I had a very apt comment about your plaintive cry but I must admit I’ve become a little distracted by Ms Hansen’s comment: it sounds as if, by “naked skin”, she means more than just her face. Intriguing.

    The world will never be without hope – despite the rain, political upheaval, stagflation and Chiswick Woman – as long as there are people like Ms Hansen in the world.

    Thanks for the podcast too – I love both pieces of music (though the first for some reason always makes me, uncharacteristically, fancy a small cigar). Best of luck in surviving the night … but I doubt you’ll have much success in finding nihilist courses in the morning. After all, the best ones would be by definition non-existent 🙂

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