Weekend Review: Bank Holiday Edition (1) 24-26 May

I begin this Whitsun Bank Holiday with a reading suitable for a funeral….

Stop all the papers, cut off the net,
Prevent the backbenchers from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pundits and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the Tories come.

[With many apologies to W H Auden]

I amused myself with a glass of Rioja Gran Riserva at lunch today – to ward off malaria – and decided to branch out into a bit of hyperventilating hyperbolic political punditry myself (Infra or here). I fear it may be a short lived career.

So… when all about you are losing their heads… what is a blawger to do? Max Mosley is in Monaco fending off offers of a thick cushion to sit on, the cricket at Old Trafford is of interest to me (I am listening as I write) SECOND TEST, Old Trafford (day two):England v New Zealand 375-8 – and I am wondering how best to spend my evening. I suspect, given that I made absolutely no arrangements this weekend, that I may end up planning more episodes of West London Man – and, possibly, introduce some unsolicited, gratuitous sex… into the story that is, as opposed to my chaste and pure life. Caroline tells one of her friends at the supper party tonight that George is not really meeting her performance targets. George told Caroline about the MP expenses before they went to the supper party.

And… in a rare exception to my writing on this blawg, I managed to shoehorn a bit of law in with my ‘Clairvoyant Emptor’ analysis of the new Consumer Protection Regulations due to come into force on Monday.

What are the judges up to?

After the high comedy fashion parades of recent weeks, there is little to report, save for a rather amusing piece picked up on by John Bolch of Family Lore on the correct usage of “judgment / Judgement” – of concern to few but lawyers. I won’t spoil it. It is worth reading… visit the Family Lore post for this gem.

And the bloggers?… what are they doing?….

As I try to cover the more serious blog posts each day on the Insitelaw Newswire, I am, of course, free to focus attention here on the more bizarre offerings of the blawgers… Geeklawyer picks up on the Israeli Airforce being scrambled to intercept Tony Blair’s private jet as it moved into Israeli airspace.

J Dan Hull, blogger, attorney, pundit and all round amusing American, continues to mix his serious blog “What About Clients?” with nuggets of lunacy and the human condition. I liked this one, today:

“Is txt msgng the new threat to France?

The Economist asks: “Parlez-vous SMS?” France’s American-like President Nicolas Sarkozy is worried about what “text-messaging is doing to the French language”. Please aim higher, sir.”

We have two non-law bloggers: Knitting With Only One Needle with an eye catching post and, Ms R, ‘A Woman of Experience’ making other bloggers jealous by taking on the responsibility of reviewing sex toys in a well written amusingly observed and sharp post – a blog for those moments in the day when you want to laugh at something other than law, lawyers or, even, attend to the day job.

And then… there is…. White Rabbit… who, after his less than “office safe’ picture of Tony and Cherie in the “Last Tango in Balmoral” pic, has turned his attention to cricket… or, to be more accurate, dental matters caused by playing cricket and has a post about someone being a ‘complete arse’.


Well… that is probably enough for Weekend Review (1) – it is a long weekend. More will / shall follow… ineluctably.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Review: Bank Holiday Edition (1) 24-26 May

  1. Dear CharonQC
    Thanks for the polite mention: I have recalled, just in time, the 3rd Geeklawyer Fighter Wing that had been heading to Chiswick to nuke the Bollo in revenge for mentioning me in less than reverent terms. I had to explain to the Commandant that ‘bizarre’ was really a compliment.

    But in future do bear this in mind…

  2. Dear Geeklawyer

    In my parallel universe… bizarre is good…. bizarre is an accollade. Of course, if you wish me to notify my readers that your blog is wholesome, of appeal to Hovis eaters, and those who believe the earth is only 4500 years old – would you be kind enough to contact my doctor and he will talk with you at a discount.

    Right…. The rains are coming… I have adjusted my clock to read 6.05 by the simple expedient of moving the big hand one hour on… and I am off to splice the mainbrace.

  3. Rioja wards off malaria? And to think I’ve been taking tonic religiously with my gin all these years, not realising there was an alternative.

    Let no one tell you otherwise: your blawg provides a useful service!

  4. Charon, Sir.. I never did thank you for the shout-out – you were too kind. I’m just glad I gave you something to smile about on your Saturday morning! 😉 Perhaps I should be thinking about becoming the Thinking Man’s Crumpet? 😀

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