22nd May: Daily news podcast and news….

Police Federation chairman, Jan Berry, praised home secretary Jacqui Smith, for facing the conference, but added: “I am sure… you felt like reaching for a stab-proof vest and perhaps slipping into old habits and lighting up to calm your nerves.”

AND… Bystander JP, of The Magistrate’s blog, had this to say on his blog – “This is a piece of nonsensical bullying by Police who should know better. Being a charitable type of fellow, I am tempted to give the PCs the benefit of the doubt, by assuming that the officer concerned is a tad short-sighted, and misread the third letter of ‘cult’ as an ‘n’.

It was a bizarre news morning, complete with a report from the Bar Council about a bogus Chambers website – inevitably sourced from Nigeria. The Bar Council did, however, issue a warning to all barristers about the matter on the Bar Council website.


For this… and more… Insitelaw newswire has the details and the daily news podcast is now up as well.

5 thoughts on “22nd May: Daily news podcast and news….

  1. Yes…. Jan Berry was amusing – but the home secretary, not the most charismatic member of the cabinet, is a fairly easy target.

    The Police Force / Service, however, is not exactly chronically underpaid – and, it has been pointed out by pundits that they have had significant rises in recent years.

    On the This Week programme tonight – the question was raised – how did the government find 2.6 billion to get Broon out of trouble on the 10p tax fiasco – when the Police claim is only a small fraction of that – Diane Abbott MP saying that Jacqui Smith was not able to stand up to No 10….

    Should the Police have the right to strike?

  2. On the question of whether police should have the right to strike – I say “no”… and my brother, who is a copper up in Staffs. would agree with me! It doesn’t bear thinking about if they could!!

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