West London Man (6): At home…

George and Caroline are at home … about to settle down after dinner to look at the architect’s plans to develop their West London home.

Caroline: So you decided not to go to The Chelsea Flower Show?

George: Well… I had a fairly good tip that this year they were going to recycle the show gardens and I thought I might be able to pick up a garden fairly cheaply. But then I read in The Evening Standard that Hilary Blume – a rather appropriate name in the circumstances – Director of the Charities Advisory Trust, organisers of the giveaway, said that only allotment groups, schools and charities can claim the goods. She was very direct about it. The Standard reported her as saying … “We wanted everything to go to a worthy cause – not someone from The Bishops Avenue looking for something for their garden’. [Evening Standard, Monday 19th May]

Caroline: Well… I quite like that burnt out patch at the bottom of the garden…. wild flowers will grow…. it could be our natural garden area…. hedgehogs will come… ladybirds… we may even get woodpeckers…

4 thoughts on “West London Man (6): At home…

  1. Hmmm … perhaps Caroline’s inner strength is going to come to the fore in these trying circumstances. I’m just trying to decide whether she’s the child of (how should one put this?) parents with more ambition than money or whether she’s merely demonstrating the no-nonsense approach traditionally associated with our “betters”.

    If she wants a woodpecker, though, I think investing in a plastic one might be sensible …

  2. I feel certain that Caroline will develop…. how… I have not decided – one of the pleasure of writing on a blog is that one just does not know what will happen next…. but… she may well go back to work….. and she was very good in her sector. She is not a lawyer.

    I can tell you this – she sorted out the cleaning, running of the house – all contracted out very efficiently while George was at Lords on Saturday. Caroline did not hang about – and did not need the happy pills. She googled – and all was done.

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