Gordon Brown – The Prime Minister that never was….

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I got up at 3.00 this morning, as I usually do, to look at blogs and newspapers for my vaguely sensible coverage of the events of the day [In another place].

This morning, I read, in The Independent, that Brown, having solved all the problems of his increasingly inadequate and unelected ‘premiership’, is focused on re-classifying cannabis from C to B, arseing around with the extension on detention from 28-42 days and, no doubt, if political pundits are to be believed, dithering about whether he will serve up porridge or porridge to us today. I do not tend to drink at 3.00 in the morning, save, on occasion, on a Friday night when I stay up late, so I can’t even plead mild intoxication…. (and I’ve voted Labour for 28 years) for what follows…. (or the graphic)

Gordon Brown, skulking away in the bowels of The Treasury, may well be shown by history to be one of the great Chancellors. As a Prime Minister he is shaping up to be a disaster – with no peer or rival in the last 200 years. Retreat after retreat. First he bottled the election last Summer. Now he retreats on the 10p tax issue. Soon he may well be defeated on the extension of terror detention from 28 to 42 days because people who know what they are talking about oppose it and MPs are beginning to listen. Now Gordon Brown, despite evidence and opposition, again from people who know what they are talking about, wants to re-classify Cannabis from Group C to Group B.

There are rather more important matters, one would have thought, for Brown to address – credit-crunch, house prices, Iraq, Afghanistan, employment, not being a fun guy… to name but a few. Police may well want the drug re-classified (but have they produced any sensible, compelling, evidence for this – or is this yet another bit of plod opportunism to go back to the good old days?) – but it can’t possibly be the case that cannabis is contributing, markedly or at all, to the crime wave?

Ironically, crime is actually falling according to recent reports. (Here | Here | And in Liverpool? ) Cheap booze may well be a cause of juvenile delinquency, but, again, is hardly likely to be the only cause of mainstream crime. It cannot be easy to commit serious crimes or robbery, rape, fraud, etc when spliffed up or pissed. But what would I know? I’m only a voter. I’ve never been partial to porridge, despite my Scots ancestry, and the present lumpy stuff being dished up by a tired and, frankly, rather dull and inconsistent government is not appetising. And they wonder why Boris may (possibly), despite all of his antics, be elected as Mayor on Thursday.

(*) Brown refutes Lord Levy story about being gay.


If you are in London: Who are you going to vote for: Boris | Ken | Invisible Man | Putin | Other? One hopes the election results will not take four weeks to be declared.


Grammar Note for members of The Apostophe Fanciers Club: Focused or focussed?

16 thoughts on “Gordon Brown – The Prime Minister that never was….

  1. I must admit to bieng deeply disapppointed in our revered leader – like you, Charon, I have been a Labour Voter for YEARS , though I live in an area of our Fair Land thats so unelievably Red ( oh, alright, these days a bit pink) that the Locals call any matter politic the Gnoll Donkey ; this means that if you came upon a donkey in Gnoll Park ( a place of local natural beauty) wearing a Labour Rosette the populace would instantaneously vote for it, no matter how stupid it was. Mr Brown will probably go down in history as the only Labour Prime Minister who so irked the loyal masses in working class areas such as mine that he successfully got the lot of us to vote Tory for the first time since recorded history began……..

  2. Law Minx… what are you doing up at this ludicrous time of day. It is 5.30 am!

    I’m only sorry that the cafe I go to each morning for espresso and to read the papers is not licensed… I would have enjoyed a glass of Rioja with my breakfast this morning.

    Brown is a nightmare… I’ve even started to wonder about the distinction between rational and rationale…. that is how bad it is!

  3. What am I doing up at this ludicrous time of day?! The same might be said of you, Charon!
    You know how it is though, bieng a lawyer, things to do people to see, and all that ( or should that really be people to do and things to see?!)

  4. Remember the Christopher Logue poem ‘I shall vote Labour’?

    I Shall Vote Labour
    I shall vote Labour because
    God votes Labour.
    I shall vote Labour to protect
    the sacred institution of The Family.
    I shall vote Labour because
    I am a dog.
    I shall vote Labour because
    upper-class hoorays annoy me in
    expensive restaurants.
    I shall vote Labour because
    I am on a diet.
    I shall vote Labour because
    if I don’t somebody else will;
    I shall vote Labour because if one person
    does it
    everyone will be wanting to do it.
    I shall vote Labour because if I do not
    vote Labour my balls will drop off.
    I shall vote Labour because
    there are too few cars on the road.
    I shall vote Labour because I am
    a hopeless drug addict.
    I shall vote Labour because
    I failed to be a dollar millionaire aged three.
    I shall vote Labour because labour will build
    more maximum security prisons.
    I shall vote Labour because I want to shop
    in an all-weather precinct stretching from
    Yeovil to Glasgow.
    I shall vote Labour because
    the Queen’s stamp collection is the best
    in the world.
    I shall vote Labour because
    deep in my heart
    I am a conservative.

    I swore that i would never vote Labour again while Blair lives and breathes in about 2000 but – as the thought of the ridiculous Bozzer is unbearable – I shall give my first preference to the nice Green lady and my second to Ken (with little enthusuasm).

  5. What we really need is another good war / bombing / natural disaster to take help take our minds off Mr Brown’s [insert negatives here] attempts at being a PM.

  6. Aren’t we running out of places. Maybe Burma. Rambo seemed to think they weren’t very nice people. Good a reason as any really.

    That or Canada, they’re never in the news, must be hording WMD’s.

  7. Good Grief, man…. Canada?

    One of the most sane countries on Earth. The fact that some may say that Canadians are “de-caffeinated Americans” is neither here nor there.

    No… I’m afraid – back to the drawing board. You’ll need to select somewhere else. I’d be quite happy with a suggestion about a town / city….. if a country proves too difficult…. or even a building offensive to the eye.

    No violence to people, mind…. this is a peace loving blog!

  8. Andrew… excellent contribution – Only two days to go. Apparently Kate Hoey, Labour, wants a job if Boris is elected…. bizarre.

    Buff Hoon says that ‘he’ll see” if Kate remains a member of the Labour Party after this latest statement from her.

  9. The London elections are getting strangely semi-detached. I saw a Ken poster earlier today and it was in purple and not red or red/yellow and simply said ‘VOTE KEN’ – no mention that he was the Labour candidate or anything like that. Then as you remark, there is Kate Hoey doing her semi-detached routine to the outrage of her – er – comrades and the manifest satisfaction of Bozzer. Then Ken joins in the fun by hinting that George Galloway – who is course standing for a different party – would be a welcome addition to the GLA.
    All very odd…..

  10. andrew – how much more can the two of us agree? i too swore i would not vote labour again until blair had gone. (spoiled my paper ). last mayoral election i voted for a socialist first. i put ken second choice so i could pretend i wasn’t voting labour. i knew i was lying but when faced with the choice of shagger norris running london you have to tear your foolish little pride into small pieces and stop it happening.
    and for me, boris is worse. apparently a nice man. much like the nazis.

    i can (unlike the 20-somethings) remember tramping through the february night at molesworth (try googling it kids) just after hezza had donned a combat jacket (why???) and sent in bulldozers to demolish the peace chapel built by a bunch of quakers anarchists pacifists … people.
    community, the thing margaret thatcher said was dead – she’ll be dead soon and community, for all that new labour decided it has a capital c and should appear in brochures – still lives.

    there are values beyond the shite of politicians; they are universal and nobody can destroy them utterly because the people remain. you don’t even have to like them – i’m not sure i like them; but i am of them.

    sorry to be on the soapbox. anyway, that’s why i am a socialist, since you asked.
    oh didn’t you? then ’tis like the breath of an unfee’d lawyer – you gave me nothing for it’

    i shall vote labour because i give a shit
    i shall vote labour because, bad as they are, they are the best we’ve got.
    i shall vote labour and keep shouting at them to be better.
    and of course
    i shall vote labour because there are conservatives…

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