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I appear to be a restaurant reviewer now and had a great time last Wednesday visiting Battersea to review a very good restaurant. My review will be up on LawandMore soon… but, to give you a foretaste / forewarning…. here is an extract:

“Should I wear a dinner jacket ?… a suit?… I wondered, as I shaved and thought about my trip to South London. It was South London I had to go to … so the black suit, black tie, Ronnie Kray look would have to stay in the wardrobe for my trip out of the manor that night. In the end I decided on a Chiswick ‘artiste’ look – jeans, black polo neck and an implausible battered brown drizeabone coat to give that High Plains Drifter feel to my arrival south of the river. After contacting the Foreign Office website to see if there were any travel warnings about trips to South London, I made my way to Chancery Lane for a meeting before going down to The ….. “

I am able to reveal that the restaurant gets 4.5 riojas as a rating.

I am also pleased to announce

That Wildy & Sons have accepted my invitation to sponsor the occasional caption competitions I run on here. The prize will be a book involving legal humour; modest in price, but rich on reading – entirely in keeping with this almost law free blawg.

3 thoughts on “Charon QC reviews….

  1. I’d suggest fishnet stockings and high heels…

    And as regards Battersea, here’s a tiny snippet from latest – and not quite completed 🙁 novel…

    “South London. Battersea Pool Hall. The smell of skunk, smoked cocaine and unwashed bodies.

    ‘All right, geezer? Up yer bum’. A flourish of the pool cue.

    ‘All right mate. You’re a cheeky fucker’.


    There ya go – free preview 😉

  2. If Sarf London has become even worse than I remember it when I worked and llved there as a young stripling, what hope is there for as nice posh resteraunt serving good food? Can it look forward to being regularly held up at gunpoint in perpetuity?
    ( though ” give us all your beetroot or the espresso machine gets it” doesn’t REALLY carry much force of authority, I suppose….)

  3. i used to live a short walk from clapham junction – just the wrong side of the tracks, near battersea highstreet (though a lower high street it would be hard to find).
    as you went up the road from the station, you could judge the economy by the number of restaurants opening and closing. the more that were closing, the more urgently i had to go out and buy some wine at auction as the city boys would be offloading it like fury.

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