Out of the manor…

I dined well last night at a very good restaurant. The restaurant was out of my manor. It is rare, these days, for me to make ‘house calls’ – but I was reviewing a restaurant for LawandMore. The food was superb. The wine excellent. I shall be writing my review tonight…

In the meantime…. let me tell you what we had to eat and drink. It was important… to do a detailed and thorough investigation….

Pan-fried lemon scented squid, served on a bed of rocket salad with wine must and tomato tartare.
Rose of smoked salmon with red caramelized onions and poached quail’s eggs, served with summer salad.
Timbale of grilled vegetables, courgettes and peppers, served on a bed of Scamorza cheese with basil olive oil.
Homemade pumpkin ravioli made with red pesto sauce and truffle olive oil.
Black ink homemade Tagliolini served with courgettes and cherry tomatoes, with Tuscan olive oil.
Pan – fried breast of Duck with rhubarb zest and dried plums, in his own juice.
Homemade pannacotta, with kuzu lime sauce from Japan and fresh strawberries basket.
Pizza With Bottarga and Sturgeon eggs and taleggio cheese.

The wines:

Pinot grigio Blush from Forchir,
Dolcetto d’Alba di Montezemolo
Brunello 2003 Casanova di Neri

9 thoughts on “Out of the manor…

  1. Whew – an Italian restaurant, as I read the first sentence of your post it flashed through my mind that it might be somewhere serving nouvelle Shepherds Pie with tomato layer .
    It all sounds wonderful – particularly the squid starter, I’m a sucker for squid (so to speak).
    Where is it?

    Oh, and I luurve Prosecco…

  2. glad you enjoyed dinner – it doesn’t sound my kind of thing at all (prima facie a bit ‘late 90’s’ – never trust a menu still using the word ‘timbale’), so it’s perhaps fortunate my crude baroness hale comment won’t be winning anything. and what’s with the italian wine? (don’t you dare give me the obvious answer)
    for dinner last night i had – fish soup pretending to be a pie – in my opinion even pastry is improved by the addition of pastry. very nice. scotch beef – so-so; nicely cooked but the meat itself wasn’t good enough; and bread and butter pudding with marmalade ice cream – nice. good mature brie and a rather insipid goat.
    wines were some champagne or other – white with bubbles – could have been fantastic for all i know about champagne; allegedly minor white burgundy – really good clean zesty and well-defined buttery/mineral qualities. some random 2000 fronsac – blah. and port … allegedly. company excellent in spite of being largely barristers and judges. now that’s a review!

  3. It was a tasting …. not even Preza could have got through all that 🙂

    I managed to keep all of mine down – and have not, as it happens, had to eat anything today!

  4. Caption for George W wit person in white dress

    ‘For God’s sake Grandma, stop waving like that or people will think you’re an old queen.’

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