Jolly voting weather…

Inspired and amused by tonight’s Bremner, Bird & Fortune – I write about the forthcoming London Mayoral election and other matters.

We have the three frontrunners: Ken, Boris and PC PC whose name name I can never remember. Sex appears to play a fair part in their electoral campaigns.

Ken, it appears, seems to have had quite a few children by different women. Boris has built a reputation on extra-curricular shagging and The Invisible Man takes a different line on matters sexual but seems to be backed by the Russell Brand of the Lib-Dems, Genghis Cleggover. The Labour Party, not known in recent years for their sexual energy (with the exception of “Two Shags” Prescott), may be drooping in the polls generally but cannot even begin to compete with Boris and his political… but only political… bedmate – Shagger Norris – who ran for Mayor several times.

Curiously, I find it reassuring in these credit-crunch times, that we could wake up in early May to find ourseleves, in London, with Mayor Boris – perhaps even with joyful Londoners singing the The Eton Boating song – an mp3 version is available for you to practice singing along with here

These, of course, are not the official words – but I just had to adapt them to meet modern political conditons:

Jolly voting weather,
And a banking credit wheeze,
Blade on the feather,
10 percent on the fees,
Swing swing together,
With your nuts between your knees,
Swing swing together,
With your mortage putting you on your knees

Fancy an Eton Mess on May 1st?


Thought for Today…

I’m not a religious man. In fact I am baffled as to why so many products of evolution believe in so many different Gods. But…. each to their own so long as they don’t ring my doorbell flogging relics. I appear to be suffering from “captionitis”. Apologies.

John Bolch of Family Lore is keeping the flag of rational thought flying with a thoughtful piece on his blog.

Geeklawyer, meanwhile, has decided to run with the Prezza Bulimia story and demonstrates that he too is able to use pictures on his blog – a first for him, I think – at least in the main body, if you forgive the pun, of his posts.

And White Rabbit – has done some pretty powerful short pieces on the crisis in Zimbabwe.


Tomorrow is another Monday…

4 thoughts on “Jolly voting weather…

  1. because boris makes about the same practical use of his intelligence as three of them (not montmorency obviously).

    i love the way the numbers have shifted awy from boris (and i believe it is that rather than towards ken) through the campaign. i know i am biased but the more you see and hear of boris the less people like him. each dribble of shite form that pompous privileged mouth is another voter who (after a quick trip to the bucket) sighs with the realisation that while ken is surely a tosser, he just can’t cut it with this idiot. don’t imagine many of those with picaninnies will vote for the bleached whale either… has he insulted the shitstabbers err i mean those nice chaps with moustaches lately? you relly couldn’t come up with a candidate less appropriate for a multi-cultural vaguely-tolerant city like this if you tried.

  2. i am reassured by just how much ground he has lost with continued exposure, though.
    a good independent (given some pre-existing profile) could well have stitched the lot of them.
    don’t worry – i’m not shirking the revision; waiting for careers to inspect my olpas offering. i haven’t talked to a careers person since i was at school!!! wot larks.

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