A fit of the giggles while reading an obituary….

Charlotte Green gets the giggles on BBC Radio 4

BBC newsreader Charlotte Green dissolved in a fit of giggles while reading an obituary

You may have seen this… but I just cannot resist giving you the link from The Guardian.  A good friend of mine emailed me the link but a moment ago.

2 thoughts on “A fit of the giggles while reading an obituary….

  1. I’m afraid I have corpsed in my time. I remember attending a board meeting many years ago. The Chairman of this particular organisation was interviewing a former Brigadier in the Army Pay Corps for a position as Finance Director.

    The Chairman suddenly lent to one side and let rip – a rather noisy fart – and continued the interview as if nothing had happened. A partner from a well known accountancy firm looked a bit baffled. The Chairman’s wife, another director, looked distinctly embarrassed.

    I’m afraid I passed out with laughter – and when I started to ask the Brigadier a few questions – I could not stop laughing. I took the Brigadier for a drink later – nice guy. Told me he thought the Chairman was a very strange man. I’m afraid I had to agree.

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