The State Visit of the French President

” … Bruni’s pert pillbox hat was perfect. Poor Camilla looked like a pheasant crash-landed on her head
. Demure as a virgin bride, Mrs Sarkozy arrived in Britain with an oh-so-chic hat perched on her gently curling hair. And then there was Camilla, wearing what can only be called roadkill, says AMANDA PLATELL of the Daily Mail. ”


5 thoughts on “The State Visit of the French President

  1. Not fair. Mme. Sarko is a lot younger than the D of C, and used to be a model. She has kept Le Président happy for a few months. The D of C has kept the P of W happy for a lot longer than that, so she must know a trick or two.
    That said, Carla looks scrummy, even by French standards.
    Let us, mes amis, compare pommes avec pommes, et oranges avec oranges.

  2. Lo-fi…. it would, I am sure, be tres chic

    Bystander – as it happens I am a great fan of Camilla – not so keen on Charles… but Camilla seems OK and reasonably sane – compared to the rest of them (The Queen – I do respect, despite my republican tendency)

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