O what black hours…we have spent this night…

I fell asleep shortly after 9.00 last night only to wake four hours later. After summoning every ounce of courage I possessed at 1.26 am (taking a break from reading Lord Goldsmith’s Citizenship report (above) … I visited the BBC Sport Cricket section to find doom and gloom. I just could not resist this…. on the BBC match report page.

“On the subject of dissertations, I have 6000 words due in less than a week on the human right’s implications of mortgage law. And now England are three down after lunch. Could life possibly get any worse?”
Yash Zaveri, Euston via 81111


Well… there we are. I am off to hunt down news items for my daily legal news podcast.

I don’t usually start work at 1.00 am…. there are advantages… no telephone calls to interrupt a train of thought. No emails to answer….. yes…. many advantages to starting work early.

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