Balls up?….

Guido Fawkes has a most amusing post on David Cameron’s put down of Ed Ball’s heckling at the Budget Day session in the Commons… the film is worth a look if you have not seen it….

Cameron made the point that we have the highest tax burden in our history – at which point Ed Balls chips in with the helpful comment “So What”… allowing Cameron, who is raising his game in terms or oratory, to have a go… all good stuff… in fact… very amusing. Worth a look if you want to be an advocate or a debater.

As Guido Fawkes’ says… look at the expression on Ed Balls’ face…

The comments on Guido’s post are almost as amusing. The first one amused me at 3.13 am this morning on my great march through the night: “(Anonymous) Disgusting, disrespectful, shifty Gordon Brown. Talking to his chums, grinning and gurning throughout Cameron’s reply. Get some manners you disgrace to the nation!”

Watch the film on Guido Fawkes’ blog?

5 thoughts on “Balls up?….

  1. From what (little) I’ve seen of them, I’m not sure contributors to Guido Fawkes comments are the best equipped to teach good manners. Most of them seem to suffer from some strange Tourettes driven permarage.

  2. Are you absolutely sure… GL…?

    It matters not… the Budget has come and gone… and no politician worth their salt will trouble to worry about an old ‘triumph’….

    Politicians are realists. A ‘hit’ is only a hit for a small period of time…. Not even Cameron is interested in what he said yesterday… in terms of PMQs / Budget…

    An aspiring PM is only as good as the vote at a general election.

    Political triumphs …. ‘bon mot’ / aphorisms / well made debating points have little value / currency – beyond the ability of mainstream media / a few internet blogs and local newspapers….

    In my, albeit, limited experience… political orators / aspiring leaders of GB PLC and their colleagues have little interest in what they said to media once said… what they are interested in… is… who will interview them/ profile them for the next ‘hit’.

    I could be wrong… but that… is the way of the political world. Try selling a story to a newspaper about a story that happened… and has been covered…. Editors want…. new…

    Even I want ‘new’….

    Cue music… “This is Charon… for Charonews online … Palace of Westminster….”

    Back to the Studio: And now…. we turn to a story about a 50 year old rhino…. happy birthday rhino Charlie.

    (This story was covered in The Sun only this morning… or… it may have been yesterday.)

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