Charon After Dark: A new idea…. not, perhaps, a good one….

I have now decided to interview myself each weekend. Whether I will be able to sustain this (or need to) will depend on global warming. Here is my first Charon After Dark : We don’t need no educashun – London Underground – A Visit to the Geeklawyer temporary blog “The Squat”

Listen to Charon After Dark 1 (9 mins)

Charon After Dark is NOT OFFICE SAFE – because of The London Underground Song – so…. in your own time unless you want to hone your Employment Law skills.

I will be writing my usual Weekend Review tomorrow… I am ‘Counting down” the hours until I do.

15 thoughts on “Charon After Dark: A new idea…. not, perhaps, a good one….

  1. Surely you were out of detention by the time they produced The Wall (as I was)? I always thought it was downhill all the way after Atom Heart Mother …

    The London Underground Song is now my favourite piece of music, for now anyway … wonder why no-one’s done a song about First Great Western yet?

  2. Pink Floyd was around when I was at University… I appear to have memory problems – you are quite right…. Pink Floyd were 70s onwards….

    I worry, after this comment of yours, that I may be having memory lapses… and getting old! Maybe I have eaten too many steaks and hamburgers?

    I shall not worry overmuch… after all, I am not a Butler and I do not need to give evidence to the Diana Inquest….

    As a matter of record: I left school in 1971… The Doors – Frank Zappa Led Zep and Jethro Tull… were my era… and so many others….

  3. One of the very first records I bought as a youngster was Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day woman… and I had all his LPs… mind you I also had all the early Stones… and The Shadows…

    (Although I liked the Beatles… my parents also liked them… just not possible to admit to enjoying the Beatles knowing that… such was the mind of a very young “Charon”)

    Still like Paint it Black and Little Red Rooster… and… as for “Satisfaction”… reminds me of times before Law….

  4. Yes… Enjoy / Enjoyed Hawkwind. There were a lot of great Bands. Woodstock 1968??….

    Less interested in music these days and tend, I’m afraid, only to listen to 60-late 80s… lost track after that… and a bit of classical – Italian opera…

    But… I am no expert on any music!

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  6. I feel relieved you didn’t sue me for defamation – I was saved I suppose by your preoccupation with the suburban PCSO stormtroopers.

  7. GL… .. so that is what it is called? I was trying to see if I could frame a cause of action under Rylands v Fletcher… things escaping etc..

    No… you are safe, GL – always a pleasure to pop onto your blog late on a Friday or Saturday night….

  8. I’ve just had a thought ( a possibly terrifying thought, but a thought nonetheless) why dont you get GL to interview you Charon?! – you are after all , quite the legal double act!! ( you could call it Men Behaving Badly or some such!!)

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