Giving up smoking?….

One way of giving up smoking is to sit outside The Bollo trying to hand roll a cigarette when it is windy.

I had a hand rolled cigarette the other night – it was most enjoyable. I am thinking of rolling my own now. I may have to get one of those Rizla hand rolling machines – for the perfect roll – but, I am told by other hand rollers, that this is not the thing.

It is some years since I last rolled my own – but I quite like the idea…. of fiddling about with filters, Rizla paper and tobacco….. I have a feeling that I will not persist… but I will try this out for a while. They tell me that smoking hand rolled cigarettes is far healthier. No chemicals…. just pure smoke going into the lungs… One also  gets a bit more exercise chasing the filter and paper that has been blown down the road by the wind….


H M Government Health Warning

I do not need anti-smoking lobbyists or the slaves/accolytes/converts of H M Chief Medical Officer or Dawn Primarolo MP to write comments….

This is a pro-smoking and 24 hour drinking blog – and with fashionable intolerance, I shall simply redact, excise, extraordinarily rendite/remove, erase, delete etc etc… any comments of an anti-smoking nature.


I do not normally exercise draconian powers of censorship… but one must take a stand in the sand and draw lines etc etc… must not one?

Perhaps… ’24 hour drinking blog’ should read… ‘pro-24 hour drinking’ blog?

21 thoughts on “Giving up smoking?….

  1. In my hotel in Gothenburg last week a sleek but enigmatic vending machine graced the foyer. What did the tubs inside contain? The words on the machine were certainly no use. Shoe polish? Caviar? After two days curiosity got the better of me and I shelled out £3 to find out… chewing tobacco.

    I haven’t dared try any yet, but surely it’s the answer on a windy day if you’re craving that nicotine fix.

  2. Ah… yes… Usefully Employed.

    I believe the tobacco to which you refer is called ‘Snuss’.

    I have several Swedish friends. One of them used to put a small teabag of Snuss under his top lift giving a direct and massive nicotine hit and then smoke a Marlboro.

    This may well explain why he sounded like the Swedish Chef in Spitting Image when he spoke – he spoke perfect English, of course, as most Swedes do.

  3. Mind you… I’ve also got one of those Nicorette plastic cigarette holders with a nicotine capsule inside it…. most useful if one is stuck in a dull meeting and need a quick nicotine hit.

    Also useful in restaurants. Bizarrely… I had a friend who used one of these to give up smoking some years ago – but one night managed to insert a lit cigarette into the end of the holder and smoke it through the holder… nicotine capsule included. Not quite the idea behind this device… but there we are.

  4. Ah Charon, nice to see that someone in this world is still willing to advocate for pro smoking, seems like most people these days are generally following the crowd of “eww smoking.. how horrid”.. and would rather have bars smelling of people’s flatulence.. than of smoke.

    Smoking is a joy indeed, and so is enjoying a good bottle of wine.. or two on occasions.

  5. I am horrified, and will be immediately reporting this blog to the anti-smoking police.

    Action to Reduce Smoking and Enjoyment (A.R.S.E.)

  6. Rolling up is a bit of an art. My other half went through a phase where his had to be “perfect” and therefore did not trust my fair hand. Rolling machines are ok, but only if you have patience. Might just be best to do by hand. I don’t have the patience for the rolling marlarkey. I smoke thin ones my friends call ‘bitchsticks’!

  7. but how would smokers know it was dangerous without ms primarolo writing it down? i think they should legislate to force tobacco firms to put warnings on their product that are bigger than the packet itself – about 4′ long should suffice. you could tear them off and use the paper for roll-ups. nothing to say they can’t make it out of rolling paper. damn that hastily-drafted statute…

    actually as a fully paid-up hypocrite who pretends to believe in freedom, i am delighted there is a smoking ban in pubs cos i can go in and enjoy the smell (albeit of flatulence – largely mine) and not have to cough a lot. don’t like the law on principle – love it in practice. what’s a chap to do?

  8. Charon,


    Perhaps you could persuade the Bollo to provide some for their customers.

    Or you could visit the Edgware Road, where there are hookahs a plenty, and I am sure you wouldn’t be first QC to use one.

  9. You must remember that I awarded myself ‘QC’…. because the Lord Chancellor wasn’t giving any silk to anyone in those days… also… I do not exist… Charon is a figment of imagination…. but can, fortunately, drink rioja.

    I shall try a hookah… and as you say…. it is almost certain that a QC somewhere has used a hookah.

  10. I will refrain from making an anti-smoking comment on one condition.
    The condition is a small bribe – a quid for every smoker who has ever told me how fortunate I am that I never started smoking.
    I suspect that the proceeds would keep me in caviar for many days to come.
    No deal?
    OK, go ahead, delete me.

  11. I did a roll-up only the once, when a drunk stopped me in the street and asked me to do one for him. His hands were shaking so much that he could not do it himself. However his baccy tin only contained dust, and most of it fell out before he could smoke it. He put an almost empty paper tube into his mouth, the paper flared in the match, and then I doubt he got nicotine out of it at all.

    Is this an anti-smoking post?

  12. Abigail. It is not an anti-smoking post. It is, however, a parable of our times.

    The roll up tobacco I have tried does taste better – but it really is a lot of fiddling about.

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