Leap Year….

As I have an ASBO prohibiting me from entering Churches, for religious reasons, and Register Offices (for reasons of sanity) and I do not need to experience again the delights of matrimony – Leap Years hold no terror for me. It is unlikely, in any event, that anyone I know would be crazy enough to propose to me… on the morrow.

So…. tonight… I am going to leap off for a glass of Rioja at the Bollo after Masterchef – The Final. I seem to be addicted to this cookery programme – partly because I enjoy cooking, but I also suffer from the British disease of enjoying the pleasure of watching a cookery programme and then nipping out for a bite to eat.

Yes… tomorrow… I may well be leaping.

7 thoughts on “Leap Year….

  1. There ought to be a competition for wierdest asbo. Some real life ones make your imaginary one look sensible by comparison. My nomination: an asbo preventing miscreant from looking at pictures of children (no – not indecent pictures – pictures generally).Apart from utter un-enforceability, it was pointed out that this would prevent him from looking at picture of himself as a child or pictures of the roof of the Sistine Chapel – but not the roof of the Sistine Chapel itself.

  2. Think of it this way: if no one proposes to you, Charon, oyu will have saved yourself an absolute FORTUNE in Gloves (which,Iam given to understand is the token the rejector is obliged to purchase and give to the rejectee on this particular occiaision, though I am also aware that a pair of “fair trial, my arse” knickers from agent provocateur are, these equally de rigeur in such a situation, particularly between lawyers!!)

  3. i take it the lawminx is not going to compete wth ms r by posting pictures of herself in same…
    actually it’s a shame you aren’t going to the pupillage fair – they say ‘do something to make your application stand out’. and it’s taking a stand for what’s right so how could they possibly object?

  4. Sorry, Simply,, I havent proposed to anyone today and so I am not in reciept of either the aforementioned knickers or even of a pair of gloves, which means that the only way to stand out at the pupillage fair is either to bring my Yak, Fred ( who carries all my paperwork for me) or Toby the Barrister Bear ( who is so much, well, OILIER, for want of a better word, at lubricating the desires of various and sundry chambers than I)……

  5. Don’t know about weirdest ASBO, but about 4 years ago I obtained a Sex Offender Prevention Order preventing a man from possessing balloons in a public place

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