Podcast 48: Ed Vaizey MP, Shadow Minister for Culture on illegal downloader proposals

Today I am talking to Ed Vaizey MP, Conservative member of Parliament for Wantage, and Didcot about proposals to regulate the internet to prevent illegal downloading of media, including music, television and published works. Ed Vaizey is currently the Shadow Minister for Culture.

I am also talking to Peter Lewinton, a graduate in law from Oxford University. Peter founded and sold two small sports Internet companies and was recently assisting Virgin Media as Head of Sport. Peter is the managing director of Legal Training.TV, a leading provider of online CPD courses for lawyers. His expertise lies in the area of online rights, production and distribution.

Listen to Podcast 48: Ed Vaizey MP on the problem of illegal downloads.

3 thoughts on “Podcast 48: Ed Vaizey MP, Shadow Minister for Culture on illegal downloader proposals

  1. i remember a previous tory culture minister julie kirkbride (no not the one off corrie!) having a rather unfortunate interview with mark lawson on front row. she was making enthusiastic noises about ‘culture’ as such people are wont to do. when pressed, she said she liked films.
    ‘what sort?’, asked mark.
    ‘ooh all sorts’, she hazarded.
    ‘any in particular?’
    ‘do you have a favourite actor?’
    ‘err lots’
    ‘who’s your favourite though?
    ‘errr that one ….. errm…… jack nicklaus’
    ‘jack nicholson?’
    ‘yes him’

    oh lordy lordy. bring on this vaizey bloke! looks to have an even more impressive knowledge of the arts than his predecessor. at least cameron has somehow persuaded the experienced and knowledgeable john tusa – who knows lots about culture in many forms and genuinely loves the stuff – to give the tories basic lessons in the arts and what they are for.
    i do hope he speaks slowly.

  2. Thanks for the note above – most amusing…. actually… extremely funny !

    I enjoyed doing the interview with Ed Vaizey. It is an area I am interested in… for obvious reasons.

  3. i am also interested in the area – it was my bread and butter for 20 years before the big career change. politicians of all colours have misunderstood and undervalued the arts socially, spiritually and economically ever since machiavelli died (at least yer medicis knew what to do with their cash) and the structures they put in place have happily been spending a very small amount of the public purse stopping those working in the creative indutries make their product.
    so is ed vaizey any more knowledgeable than the woman who isn’t off corrie? spill the beans charon!

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