Diana Inquest: Al Fayed speaks….

I do not go to Harrods, but I understand there is a memorial to Dodi and Diana at the shop and Al Fayed appears to have a statue of himself as a sphinx. Al Fayed’s website provides all you could wish to know about these matters…. well, apart from the evidence he is now providing to the inquest.

The BBC report on Al Fayed’s evidence is extraordinary…. I’ll give you a flavour:

“Harrods owner Mr Al Fayed claimed former prime minister Tony Blair, MI5, MI6 and the British ambassador to France were all part of the conspiracy.”

“Asked by Ian Burnett QC, counsel to the inquest, if he stood by his claim that Diana and Dodi were “murdered by the British security services on the orders of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”, Mr Al Fayed replied: “Yes.”

Al Fayed then appears to inform the coroner of his views on the repatriation of Prince Philip : “In his evidence, Mr Al Fayed branded Prince Philip a “Nazi” and a “racist” and said: “It’s time to send him back to Germany from where he comes.”

“You want to know his original name – it ends with Frankenstein,” he added.

AND… just to be absolutely sure that the inquest had a clear view, Al Fayed stated… ” Prince Charles was complicit, hoping to make way so he could marry his “crocodile wife” Camilla Parker Bowles.”

Will this story ever go away? Paul Burrell, former butler to Princes Diana, appears to have lied to the inquest according to press reports… by not revealing all.


The circus continues…

17 thoughts on “Diana Inquest: Al Fayed speaks….

  1. *Groan*
    I’m completely fed up of this story, which is not now so much as an inquest into the deaths of Dodi and Di as one mans railing against an establishment which has always refused to accept him.
    You do rather have to wonder what was running through Michael Mansfields head as his client launched into his astonishing tirade in the witness box…..

  2. When I was at Sudbury open prison in Derbyshire, it was recommended by other inmates that I visit a local beauty spot on day release. Bubbles massage parlour is located opposite Derby railway station.

    At my parole board hearing, it was chaired by a recently promoted Lord Justice Scott Baker. The hearing turned to leisure activities, and mi’lud showed a keen interest in what particular services were provided and how much they cost. I explained that prisoners obtained a discount, and that my name carried influence within that particular establishment, and all he had to say was that John had sent him to get the red carpet treatment.

    Although Lord Justice Scott Baker decided not to direct my release, I was later informed by the Madam that he had got his. I did think at the time that it was a shame that all the girls are given a clean bill of health…

  3. i think if we paid for scott baker LJ’s naughty rubdown, we got better value than from this insane enquiry where everyone believes exactly what they believed before we coughed up however much. the only thing we all agree on is that poor old mo is a deranged loon.
    still i assume the pathetic rates for pupils at tooks will be increasing somewhat on the strength of it.
    no? surely….

  4. It’s interesting that no-one (including me) gives a stuff about sub judice in the case of this inquest. This must be because it is so obviously an excursion around planet bonkers.

    The driver was drunk and drove too fast!!!

    Oh, and no seatbelts!!!


    Mind yo, I’d love to know what rates a certain party is on for his part in this zoo. Don’t suppose i’ll find out though….


  5. I particularly enjoyed the statement by Al offhis Fayed (source: The Sun)… “Lord Stevens had also cleared Harrods out of its entire stock of caviar.”

    The other quote I enjoyed was from the report on these proceedings in The Independent (19 February)….

    “At one point, Lord Justice Scott Baker observed: “There seem to be an awful lot of people involved in this conspiracy.” But Mr Fayed ploughed on, and the allegations piled up.”

    It will be interesting to see what the jury do with all of this….

  6. Thank you for the link to Mr Fayed’s website. His description of his “tasteful” memorials is a wonderful instance of alternative views of reality.

    Is there any way Mr Fayed could be ordered to pay the costs of the inquest which have been wasted due to his nuttyness?

  7. Abigail.. this is a law blog. I accept that it bears little resemblance to a law blog…BUT… there is no need to incriminate yourself.

    However… you have chosen to do so without being waterboarded… or being subjected to any other stress techniques favoured by interrogators….

    I am, of course, assuming that you have made a typo and what you may have intended to type was “You could murder a KFC”… perfectly reasonable for anyone to suggest after a night out binge drinking / in sober modest and sensible company.

    I would not, of course, wish David Milliband to have to appear in the House of Commons again to explain the presence of rather unusual aircraft landing at Heathrow in the dead of night to rendite you to a place of ‘security’.

  8. oh dear! have just had an email from tonyblairisgod demanding that abigail be strung from the same gibbett as our beloved geek! you tried to tell her.

    i wouldn’t wish david milliband to have to appear in the house of commons again. ever.

  9. In the event Mr Alfayed is right, we would never know. The evidence has probably long since gone.

    His use of language is rather fascinating. He says what no one would dare to. They may though think it.
    There was some rumour of the FBI files but they don’t seem to have appeared in the inquest. Talking of secret files – can we be sure that the Coroner has every little piece of paper related to these issues. Afterall, a secret file within the secret services is likely to always remain secret 🙂

    I found Richard Tomlinson’s statement interesting. Of course, the media made much of his mismatched shirt and tie but thats Richard for you – never one to impress the girls purposely.

    Dr Rita Pal

    Conflict – I was thrown out of Harrods as a medical student for daring to play one of their expensive Steinway pianos. Boy was it worth it 🙁

  10. yes al fayed dares to say what nobody else would say … if they didn’t have the cash to manouevre an opportunity to defame virtually everyone (rather offended he didn’t try to implicate me, actually) under cover of absloute privilege.
    how brave/rich is that?

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