News round up… and a thought for Valentine’s day…

Getting up early has many benefits. Putting the script together for the daily news podcast I do each morning at 6.30 also means that I am fairly on top of legal news. Whether this is a good thing or not is an entirely different question.

To borrow from and adapt the famous aphorism of F.E Smith …” I may not be wiser… but at least I am better informed.”

My daily news podcast lasts for about 4-5 minutes….

Of course… I wear a dinner jacket… or, as some would say, ‘black tie’… as I do for all my podcasts… and there is usually something in The Sun or The Mirror to allow me to end the podcast with something bizarre. Daily News podcast on Consilio: here

Have a good Valentine’s day…. whatever you decide to do. As I do not need the services of a specialist in family law, or a registrar (I have a life time ASBO prohibiting me from entering churches or Register Offices)… I shall be taking a glass or two with my mate Mr Rioja tonight. I’ll have to sit outside The Bollo… all the inside tables are taken by the loved-up or guilty. One does tend to meet unusual people outside pubs – smokers, over refreshed people… and sometimes the odd King (Below)


Odd thought for today: Do you worry about the use of ‘shall’ and ‘will’ to denote the future? The americans don’t. ‘Will’ is the norm in the States. I tend to use ‘will’ and ‘shall’ as I please…. do I need to ostracize myself.. banish myself ? .. cast myself out from social, political, or private favour / favor? (US readers only).

If this vexed question threatens to ruin your Valentine’s evening… as in “will I / shall I… etc” (or even… “should I?”) … The BBC, as ever, comes to your aid: here

18 thoughts on “News round up… and a thought for Valentine’s day…

  1. “You Shall go to the ball” expresses the Fairy Godmother’s intention as well as prediction. Confusingly, it was thought to reverse in the first person. So: “I will die, and no-one shall save me!” shouted by the despairing man who fell in the sea. Onlookers believed he was expressing his intention as well as prediction, and so left him to it. Old joke, citation Fowler MEU first ed.

    This might be a useful distinction to be able to make if everyone accepted the same rule, but it is no longer fun to be pedantic about it, as when I try that particular pedantry no-one knows what I am on about.

  2. Goog GRIEF, Charon – is Toby, my Barrister Bear, so completely desperate for the crumbs of your virtual practice that you have persuaded him to pose NAKED, hugging a glass of Rioja at the header of your page ? What is the world coming to??

  3. (“Shall/will”) Of course these distinctions should be preserved, for they signify the classical status of the English language (I hesitate to say not sensu strictu). We are well on the way to becoming a nation of belching oiks : to entice the young away from their MP3 players and imbue them with this culture might enrich their brains and salvage something of our civilization. (Had it been possible I might have used the quill for this.)

  4. Nicholas… i do have some sympathy with your view. I enjoy using unusual words from time to time…. ineluctable and tergiversator being but two that I shoehorn into conversation at The Bollo of an evening….

    But…. communication and meaning is all…. and when people go “yer What?”… or words to that effect… one is not ‘speaking nation unto nation’… as the BBC likes to say!

  5. I really do hope, Charon, that under all the circumstances – not least of all the stress you must be under given the DDOS attack over at Geek’s – that you are bearing up well, and that the workload you bear is of a bear minimum ( at least on the weekend)!

  6. ‘I am arranging for the writer to be waterboarded’

    is that like snowboarding, then?

    i think tergiversator is interesting as an agent noun that appears not to have a verb from which it originates – or is it possible to tergiversate? shouldn’t be really.

    ‘communication and meaning is all’ – yep! that’s what the stuff is for. what point in expressing ourselves if there is nobody to understand? like an actor in an empty theatre.

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