Podcast 41: Andrew Holroyd OBE, President of The Law Society

Today I am talking to the President of The Law Society, Andrew Holroyd, about the Law Society stepping in to help international Lawyers, reported recently in the press.. The Law Society, the Association of Muslim Lawyers and the Bar Council will call on the Pakistani authorities for the release and reinstatement of lawyers and judges imprisoned in Pakistan following the recent constitutional crisis. Andrew Holroyd also drew attention to the fact that the Law Society has raised £85,000 so far to help lawyers in Zimababwe.

Andrew Holroyd, President of the Law Society, has stated in the Press: “Solicitors have a duty to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law requires the judiciary and the legal profession to be independent and free from political interference. The Law Society continues to urge the government of Pakistan to return to an internationally recognised standard of the rule of law and to release and reinstate those lawyers and judges who remain in detention.”

Listen to Podcast 41: Andrew Holroyd, President of The Law Society

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