Weekend Review 3: Sunday 27th January 2008

The theme this weekend is experimentation. I am experimenting with a bit of beard growing. I will almost certainly get bored with the idea… simply because I am beginning to look like Oliver Reed in Gladiator…. ahead of my time. I do not eat Fish Fingers these days… I had to eat quite enough of those when I was detained for a crime I did not commit at detention centres, called schools, in Scotland between the age of 7-18.

I am also experimenting with the format of Weekend Review. A 45 minute download is quite a lot to listen to in one hit – so, this week, we have a mix of text and interviews.

I have two podcasts: First… Nearly Legal on his experience during his training contract (and blogging generally). Nearly Legal seems to be having a very positive experience and is enjoying his time. Listen to the podcast here.

I also had a most interesting discussion with Carl Gardner, Head of Legal, on the Peter Hain resignation, the Police investigation, possibles charges, the Home Secretary’s difficulties pushing through an extension of detention without trial powers and the continuing imprisonment of lawyers and judges in Pakistan. : Listen to the podcast here

We have some new UK blawgers: White Rabbit… authored by author and barrister Andrew Keogh. Well worth a visit… he specialises in bloodstains and is a published author.

Also….. we have Legal Seagull – who is at the beginning of his path to qualification. Legal Seagull says the road is long with many a winding turn. Absolutely….

Jailhouselawyer, a blog I read regularly, is a prolific blogger. The other day he was talking on the BBC World Service – interesting and well worth a visit, as is the blog.

I managed to find myself on Geeklawyer’s blawg late on Saturday night, wondering if I should file my annual tax return online. Apparently…. astonishingly important people are being advised NOT to file online because of security concerns. This is ironic given the ability of HMRC, The Ministry of Defence, The DVLA (NI) and sundry other government organisations, to keep our data safe…

HMRC, however, recommend that the rest of us, the peasant underclass of modern Britain, continue to file online even if they don’t use the internet – an interesting idea in itself. Charon is a phantasm… he is a figment of imagination and does not, therefore, have to file a tax return “qua Charon”.
I am done for today…


PS: I am also experimenting with PageFlakes – an aggregator – for Consilio. Here is my first attempt

(You might like to try Pageflakes yourself)

10 thoughts on “Weekend Review 3: Sunday 27th January 2008

  1. I grew a beard more years ago than I care to remember after getting stupefyingly drunk and having a bid on the world record for longest hangover ever. By the time I recovered from the hangover, I discovered I was so far down the road to growing a beard that I might as well finish the job. It is still with me but nowadays I can’t stand long beards so I recommend a beard trimmer set to no 1 cut for the rakish designerstubble effect.

    Fish finger butties splodged with HP sauce are good stuff though.

    Jus sayin…

  2. I cant STAND fish fingers with breadcrumbs ( or the chocolate covering a Mars Bar come that) – but the fish is quite nice when mashed up with tatare sauce and spread all over two slices of toast…..
    Will the beard be salt n pepper in colour ( there by giving a rugged, as well as entirely learned appearence to the wearer) or will it be a question of mere Bum Fluff? ( i.e three hairs on the chin, and two of those are loose??)

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