Podcast 39: Nearly Legal on his Training Contract experience….

Podcast 39 is with the author of the Nearly Legal Blog. After a distinguished career in academe (in another discipline), Nearly Legal re-qualified as a lawyer as is now completing his training contract en route to qualifying as a solicitor. It is a good story – and a positive one.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 39: Nearly Legal on his Training Contract experience….

  1. Thanks Charon, it was fun, although I realise I do sound unbearably smug. If it makes anyone feel better, I do get asked to do photocopying and sorting of files, and it certainly hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

    But interesting case work, a good team and supervisors keen to see one become an effective practitioner do make me happy. I suspect that this is something more likely to be encountered in a smaller firm. But then there can be other problems with small firms, particularly if things do go wrong, and I don’t think my experience is necessarily a widespread one.

  2. I detected no ‘smuggery’… It is good to hear of postive experiences. I know, from previous exchanges by email and podcasts chats, that you are an enthusiast – why be anything else?

    Thanks again for taking time out on a Saturday to do the podcast!

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