Strange day…

Today a rogue trader at a leading French bank lost them £3.7 billion, The Sun has a story about dwarves hiding in luggage and then stealing items from other people’s luggage when the bus started moving, only to return to his suitcase before the end of the trip – AND a prosecuting barrister rugby tackled a defendant who tried to escape during court proceedings and kept his wig on.

You really could not make it up…

Fortunately…. I have some interesting and sensible news – I will post it (above) in a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “Strange day…

  1. I once saw a probation officer rugby tackle a defendant who tried to escape. Made a pretty decent fist of it too. Think his wig fell off though.

    Sorry about the error over your name. As I’m off the rioja for January I have to blame general tiredness. Love your blog – it’s an inspiration – and I appreciate your comments a great deal.

  2. I enjoy / delight in errors over my name – my real name and my pseudonym. I thought “Charnac” was excellent… In fact, come to think of it, I am certain that I have a dyslexic cousin… but he is an estate agent

    Get back on the juice… abstinence is only useful for priests and Sir Liam Donaldson… HM Chief Medical Officer… I always feel better when he abstains from giving advice.

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