Peter Hain resigns from Cabinet…

Peter Hain has resigned from The Cabinet after the Electoral Commission referred the £103,000 donations case to the Metropolitan Police.  BBC story

2 thoughts on “Peter Hain resigns from Cabinet…

  1. If a burglar gets caught breaking and entering does he get let off simply because he was incompetent? “I am sorry your honour, but my friend who was in charge of disabling the burglar alarm did not notice that extra circuit”. Should you reasonably expect such an excuse to stand up in court? If you think not then you will probably agree that our politicians should not get away with similar excuses.

    Read my full thoughts and see funny picture caption at Ambercat’s Blog

  2. Hain the Pain has departed from office – not that his constituents ( famous, or rather infamous with regard to their “Gnoll Donkey” voting tactics) will be much bothered , because the arrangement suits all concerned ; as such, Mr Hain has himself a job for life simply because his carryings on have made him a ” bit famous” in the Vale of Neath….

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