Weekend Review Podcast 2: Sunday 20th January 2008

We have a packed programme for you. The programme runs for approximately 38 minutes but you can download it and listen to it in stages! Today Peter Rouse of Advizory has an interesting technique for you to help you reduce stress.

My guests today are: Tim Kevan on his new boook “Why lawyers should surf” – Dr Peter Groves, Consultant with Bircham Dyson Bell, talking about the copyright implications of parody – Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal Blog, on the Gary Newlove bail case and Simon Myerson QC, a leading criminal law silk from Yorkshire who authors the Pupillage and how to get it blog. I ask Simon Myerson why he is not prepared to sign the Legal Services Commission contract. He has some robust views.

Listen to Weekend Review Podcast 2.

[I had a minor edit problem with the recording for Nearly Legal on his experiences during his training contract – thankfully, capable of being remedied. Nearly Legal’s piece will be in next weekend’s Weekend Review]

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