Podcast 36: Katherine Gibson, Chair, Junior Lawyers Division on the new help line for members…

Today I am talking to Katherine Gibson, President of the Junior Lawyers Division of The Law Society about the new help line set up to help students and young lawyers who get into difficulty or are suffering from stress and pressure.

The JLD has a website and the helpline number is: 0800 856131

Katherine also has a blog “Voice from the Chair”

Listen to Podcast 36: Katherine Gibson, President of the The Junior Lawyers Division of The Law Society

2 thoughts on “Podcast 36: Katherine Gibson, Chair, Junior Lawyers Division on the new help line for members…

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  2. “The Law Society”, what is that? You old dinosaur…

    BTW, I have an exclusive which I am in the process of putting together and it includes the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) and the Bar Council. It reminds me of the two farmers in dispute over a cow, as one pulls on the head and the other pulls on the tail, the lawyer is milking the cow.

    War has broken out between prison law lawyers. And, I am concerned that prisoners will get caught up in the cross fire.

    Basically, a barrister wrote an article advising prisoners to watch out when seeking legal representation. He argued that, at best they might be saddled with a newly qualified solicitor who is inexperienced, at worst, a caseworker who is not legally qualified. He follows this up with a letter stating that a solicitor accuses him of defaming him and his firm.

    Another barrister wrote a letter criticising the first barrister’s article, and the man who runs a training company called the Institute of Prison Law (IPL). The newspaper refused to publish an advert from this company containing a logo which the company director has stated is approved by both the SRA and the Bar Council, and they have accredited the IPL. There was also a letter from the Manchester Prison Law Practitioners Group criticising the first barrister’s article and the IPL’s claims.

    When I started prison law in prison and a solicitor came to represent me, I told him I was not interested in money and that my only interest was developing prison law and furthering prisoners rights. I knew that there was money to be made in this field. It would appear so much so that the pigs are now fighting at the trough.

    Prisoners are a vulnerable group in society and they need their rights to be protected. In the prisoners interests this conflict needs to be resolved. I am seeking support so that those that really matter do not become innocent victims caught up in the crossfire from the enemy or friendly fire.

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